Virgin Orbit conducts drop-test of rocket from Boeing 747

This morning, Virgin Orbit ó the spinoff company of Richard Bransonís space tourism venture Virgin Galactic ó dropped a small test rocket from an airplane over Southern California where it slammed into the ground. The rocketís plunge to the earth was part of a major flight test for Virgin Orbit that will pave the way for the companyís first launch to space later this summer. This morningís event was known as a drop test, and it was meant to see if Virgin Orbitís fledgling rocket system behaved as expected. For the last four and a half years, Virgin Orbit has been developing a new small rocket called LauncherOne, which is designed to put satellites the size of washing machines into low orbits around Earth. But unlike most other commercial... Continue reading…

Virgin Orbit conducts drop-test of rocket from Boeing 747

Virgin Galactic's sister company Virgin Orbit has conducted a drop test of its air-launched satellite booster over California.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from

Virgin Orbit Carries Out Its First Successful Rocket Drop Test From Modified Boeing 747

Virgin Orbit, the sister company of spaceflight company Virgin Galactic, nailed its first-ever drop test on Wednesday using a dummy LauncherOne rocket deployed from a Boeing 747 carrier named ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Gizmodo

Virgin Orbit's first rocket drop test was a success

Virgin Orbit's first rocket drop test has gone off without a hitch. The company's Boeing 747 launch aircraft (Cosmic Girl) successfully dropped a dummy LauncherOne rocket ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Engadget

Virgin Orbit performs a successful drop test of its LauncherOne rocket launch system

Richard Branson-backed space startup Virgin Orbit has completed a key step along its path to launching satellites for commercial customers. The company held a successful ‘drop test’ ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from TechCrunch

Virgin Orbit's Rocket-Launching 747 Jumbo Jet Nails 1st Drop Test (Video)

The Virgin Galactic sister company performed its first-ever drop test today (July 10), releasing a LauncherOne rocket from its Boeing 747 carrier plane over California's Mojave Desert.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from

Branson's Virgin Orbit moves closer to commercial satellite launch

Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit on Wednesday released a rocket from the wing of a modified Boeing 747 jetliner in mid-air in a key test of its high-altitude launch system for satellites, the ...

Wed 10 Jul 19 from Reuters

Branson's Virgin Orbit completes key rocket test, Wed 10 Jul 19 from Reuters

Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit just dropped a rocket from an airplane - CNET

The commercial space company moves closer to launching satellites from an aircraft.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

Virgin Orbit 'drop tests' a rocket from a 747 aircraft 35,000 feet in the sky

People near the Mojave Desert may have caught a strange site Wednesday morning: A 70-foot rocket plummeting from the sky.

Wed 10 Jul 19 from CNN


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