NASA’s Orion Crew Capsule May Launch on a Commercial Rocket

For years, NASA has been working on their massive Space Launch System (SLS), a next-generation heavy lift rocket that could launch cargo and astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit for the first time since the Apollo Program. They've been developing it in tandem with Orion, a crew capsule that would carry those astronauts into Earth orbit and beyond. Orion’s next big test flight, called EM-1, an uncrewed mission into lunar orbit, is currently scheduled for June 2020. But in a Senate committee h

The White House is in such a hurry to get to the moon that NASA is considering sidelining its major rocket to make it happen

It would mark a radical change from the way NASA had planned to return to the moon and would be a blow to the Space Launch System.

Wed 13 Mar 19 from The Washington Post

NASA's new rocket won't be ready for moon shot next year

NASA's massive new rocket won't be ready for a moon shot next year, the space agency's top official told Congress on Wednesday.

Wed 13 Mar 19 from

Inside a guppy, heading for the moon

NASA locks in behind a permanent lunar presence.

Wed 13 Mar 19 from Cosmos Magazine

NASA May Launch Orion Crew Module on Commercial Rocket

It might seem like we've been talking about the Space Launch System (SLS) for years, and that's because we have been. NASA began this ambitious project in 2011, eventually settling on Boeing ...

Fri 15 Mar 19 from Extremetech

Rocket Report: SLS delays prompt NASA action, Brazil considering launch site

"I think we as an agency need to stick to our commitment."

Fri 15 Mar 19 from Ars Technica

NASA is building the world's biggest rocket, but its debut might have to wait - CNET

The new Space Launch System is facing delays, making the likes of SpaceX seem like a better option.

Thu 14 Mar 19 from CNET Cutting Edge


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