Next-generation B-21 Raider heavy bomber passes design review

Tonight, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) is set to launch its most powerful rocket — the Delta IV Heavy — sending up a secret spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) from California. The mission will be the 132nd mission for the ULA, and the latest of many launches the company has done for the NRO, a significant customer of the launch provider. As is the case with all NRO launches, it’s unclear what’s actually going into space; the NRO keeps the purposes of its missions under wraps. However, the satellite is likely pretty heavy and is perhaps going to a high orbit if it requires the power of the Delta IV Heavy. The rocket consists of three cores strapped together, which provide more than 2 million pounds of thrust at... Continue reading…

Next-generation B-21 Raider heavy bomber passes design review

The US Air Force's next strategic heavy bomber has passed a critical design review. On November 28 to 30, the US Defense Department carried out a multi-disciplined technical evaluation ...

Tue 11 Dec 18 from Gizmag

DARPA head on AI dangers: ‘It’s not one of those things that keeps me up at night’

Artificial intelligence does not yet pose a serious threat to humans, according to the head of the Defense Advanced Research Agency. Though the military is rushing to improve its AI capabilities, ...

Thu 6 Dec 18 from The Washington Post

Last-Minute Glitch Delays US Spy Satellite Launch

The launch of a clandestine new U.S. satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office was delayed by a last-minute glitch less than 8 seconds before its planned liftoff late Saturday (Dec. 8).

Sun 9 Dec 18 from

Delta IV rocket launch livestream

United Launch Alliance will use a Delta IV Heavy rocket to launch the NROL-71 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.        

Fri 7 Dec 18 from USA today

Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine

AI and Generative Design are set to change everything we know about manufacturing.

Thu 6 Dec 18 from Arstechnica

Bamboo community center empowers the local Brazilian community

The beautiful beach town of Camburi, Brazil, has gained a new community center that not only serves as a communal gathering space, but is also an inspiring social development project that was ...

Tue 11 Dec 18 from Inhabitat

ULA scrubs second spy satellite launch attempt 7 seconds before liftoff

United Launch Alliance once again called off the launch of its Delta 4-Heavy rocket, this time with just 7 seconds to go on the countdown.

Sun 9 Dec 18 from UPI

Watch live: United Launch Alliance to launch spy satellite after 24-hour delay

United Launch Alliance is preparing once more to launch its Delta 4-Heavy rocket.

Sat 8 Dec 18 from UPI

ULA scrubs spy satellite launch scrubbed, to try again Saturday

United Launch Alliance was forced to scrub its Delta 4-Heavy rocket launch as a result of a communications error.

Fri 7 Dec 18 from UPI


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