After rocket failure, Russia moves up its next launch. NASA says it is okay with that.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says Russia's space agency has been “very transparent" following recent safety issues. "They have shared with us all the data we need to be comfortable and confident that we understand the problem and that it has been resolved.”

Next US astronaut on Russian rocket confident after mishaps

A U.S. astronaut says she has no qualms about riding a Russian rocket next month despite back-to-back mishaps.

Fri 9 Nov 18 from

After aborted mission, NASA astronaut confident about December launch

The American astronaut who will hitch the first ride on a Russian rocket since last month's aborted launch and dramatic emergency landing is confident that her scheduled trip in December on ...

12 hours ago from Reuters

Scientists should be used as human GUINEA PIGS on test flights, Russian space agency chief says

The head of the Moscow-based Russian space agency said the designers of the next-generation spacecraft, Federatsiya could be used as test dummies for the first manned flights.

Tue 13 Nov 18 from Daily Mail

US astronaut to blast off on first Soyuz mission since its aborted mission says she is not worried

NASA astronaut Anne McClain said that spaceflight is never 100 percent safe and it's coincidental the last two Soyuz missions to the International Space Station encountered trouble.

Fri 9 Nov 18 from Daily Mail

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