Richard Branson Claims Virgin Galactic Will Be in Space “Within Weeks”

According to Sir Richard Branson, founder of the space tourism company Virgin Galactic, their latest spaceplane, SpaceShipTwo, will be in space in a matter of weeks. “We should be in space within weeks, not months. And then we will be in space with myself in months and not years,” Branson told CNBC on Tuesday in Singapore. “We will be in space with people not too long after that, so we have got a very, very exciting couple of months ahead,” he added. Branson has not yet officially expande

Virgin Galactic is weeks away from reaching space, Richard Branson says

A few months after another successful test flight over the Mojave Desert, billionaire Richard Branson says his space company, Virgin Galactic, might be out among the stars in a matter of weeks.

Tue 9 Oct 18 from The Washington Post

Branson says Virgin Galactic to launch space flight 'within weeks'

British entrepreneur Richard Branson said he expects his Virgin Galactic company to conduct its first space flight "within weeks, not months" in comments broadcast Tuesday.

Tue 9 Oct 18 from

Jeff Bezos predicts there will soon be a TRILLION humans living on other planets

'We are starting to bump up against the absolute true fact that Earth is finite' Blue Origin founder and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said at the Wired 25th anniversary summit in San Francisco. ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from Daily Mail

Jeff Bezos confirms Blue Origin trips in six person capsule will be completely automated

Speaking at the Wired25 Conference in San Francisco, the secretive Amazon founder revealed what travelling onboard the trips will really be like.

Mon 15 Oct 18 from Daily Mail

Jeff Bezos plans to spend 'a little more' than a billion on Blue Origin next year - CNET

The Amazon CEO, speaking Monday during a Wired conference in San Francisco, previously invested $1 billion a year in the space company.

Mon 15 Oct 18 from CNET

Virgin Galactic ‘Weeks’ Away From Space Flight

Virgin Galactic is “more than tantalizingly close” to leaving Earth’s atmosphere, according to Richard Branson. “We should be in space within weeks, not months,” ...

Wed 10 Oct 18 from

Richard Branson issues stark warning to rival Elon Musk

The British billionaire said Musk's late-night tweets - which have landed him in hot water a number of times this year - are a 'flaw' he needs to overcome.

Wed 10 Oct 18 from Daily Mail

Virgin Galactic will be in space 'within weeks,' says CEO Richard Branson - CNET

Sir Richard Branson has been promising an imminent launch for 10 years, but this time he's super serious.

Wed 10 Oct 18 from CNET


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