SpaceX Gives Nose-Cone-Catching Boat 'Mr. Steven' a Bigger Net

SpaceXís specialized boat aimed at catching falling rocket parts just got a sizable upgrade. The vessel, called Mr. Steven, now boasts an even more massive net, one thatís four times the size of the one it had before. That larger surface area should help increase the chances of Mr. Steven actually making a catch, which it hasnít been able to do. Mr. Steven is specifically focused on catching the nose cone of SpaceXís Falcon 9 rocket following a launch. Thatís the bulbous structure that sits at the top of the rocket, covering the satellite during the flight. Once the rocket is in space, the nose cone, or payload fairing, splits in half and the pieces fall back to Earth. Typically this hardware isnít recovered, but SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has... Continue reading…

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