Organics on Ceres may be more abundant that originally thought

Providence RI (SPX) Jun 14, 2018 Last year, scientists with NASA's Dawn mission announced the detection of organic material - carbon-based compounds that are necessary components for life - exposed in patches on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. Now, a new analysis of the Dawn data by Brown University researchers suggests those patches may contain a much higher abundance of organics than originally thought. The findi

Organic Molecules on Ceres Are More Abundant Than Previously Thought

New research suggests there may be higher concentration of organic molecules on Ceres than originally believed. Where'd they come from? That's a major question. The post Organic Molecules on ...

Wed 20 Jun 18 from Extremetech

Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Way More Organic Molecules Than Originally Suspected

On the dwarf planet Ceres, organic molecules are more abundant than scientists originally suspected.

Tue 19 Jun 18 from

'Building blocks of life' may exist on the dwarf planet Ceres in higher amounts than thought

A new analysis of data from the Dawn spacecraft suggests patches of organic material on the surface may contain much higher abundance of carbon-based compounds than initially estimated. ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Daily Mail

New analysis reveals that Ceres’ spots harbor a lot of organic material

It's not a sign that Ceres ever harbored life, but it surely doesn't hurt its odds.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from ZME Science

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