SpaceX’s next launch will send an HPE supercomputer to the International Space Station

Tomorrow, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is set to launch another batch of cargo and science experiments to the International Space Station, and that shipment will include a supercomputer from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Called the Spaceborne Computer, the system is a joint project between HPE and NASA to see if a commercial computer can be designed to last in the harsh space environment. If successful, similar computers could be critical tools for future deep-space missions beyond Earth. The space station’s location in lower Earth orbit makes it an unfriendly place for computers. Because the ISS sits outside the majority of Earth’s protective atmosphere, it’s exposed to more radiation — from solar flares and cosmic rays that originate outside... Continue reading…

Space station to test supercomputer bathed in cosmic rays - CNET

Thinking about toting a computer with you to Mars? Hewlett Packard Enterprise is sending some big iron into orbit to figure out how.

Fri 11 Aug 17 from CNET

Hewlett Packard supercomputer to be delivered to the ISS next Monday

Time to dust off that old Skyrim dvd.

Fri 11 Aug 17 from ZME Science

The ISS is getting a ruggedized computer upgrade

When SpaceX's rocket takes off on August 14th, it will be carrying a machine that could make things a lot easier for future astronauts embarking on deep space missions. That machine ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Engadget

Why HPE is sending a supercomputer to the ISS on SpaceX’s next rocket

 Officially named the “Spaceborne Computer,” the Linux-based supercomputer is designed to serve in a one year experiment conducted by NASA and HPE to find out if high performance ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from TechCrunch

NASA Space-Tests A Supercomputer To Send To Mars

On Monday, a supercomputer blasts off for a yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station. On Monday, a supercomputer blasts off to the International Space Station on a year-long mission ...

Fri 11 Aug 17 from Fastcompany Tech

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