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Nasa seeks aid with Earth-Mars links

Nasa is asking for help to get data back from future science missions orbiting Mars or roaming its surface.

6 hours ago from BBC News

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ESA mission operators prepare for post launch control of twin Galileo satellites

The ESA's post launch team are ready to guide and take control of a twin set of Galileo satellites, undertaking a number of procedures and adjustments in order to ready the pair for orbital ...

4 hours ago from Gizmag

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Audit: NASA doesn't have the money for big rockets

(AP)ŚNASA does not have enough money to get its new, $12 billion rocket system off the ground by the end of 2017 as planned, federal auditors say.

11 hours ago from

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ISS astronaut captures image of rockets flying over Gaza and Israel

It’s hard to miss the reports on the news every day about the ongoing conflict between Gaza and Israel. Typically we only see the aftermath of the rockets that have destroyed buildings ...

6 hours ago from

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Watch the Falcon 9 rocket booster descend into the ocean for its "soft" landing (w/ Video)

SpaceX today released video from the Falcon 9 first stage flyback and landing video from the July 14 launch of six ORBCOMM advanced telecommunications satellites. This was a test of the reusability ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from

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Astronauts Simulate Deep-Space Mission in Underwater Lab

It's commonplace to practice spacewalks underwater, but the latest crew living in an underwater lab plans to introduce a twist: a 10-minute communications delay with mission control.

1 hours ago from

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So Where the Heck IS Voyager 1, Anyway?

The first human built object to exit the solar system may not be gone after all

23 hours ago from TIME

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But what does Tinder make of the Israel-Gaza conflict?

Even Tinder (that well known cultural and political barometer) has been abuzz with the Israel-Gaza debate in recent days it seems, with a group of young Americans working as teachers in Palestine ...

Wed 23 Jul 14 from The Independent

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Rosetta's comet seen in close-up

Europe's Rosetta probe has acquired new images of the comet it is chasing through space.

4 hours ago from BBC News

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Space sex geckos at risk as Russia loses control of satellite

Several geckos are at risk of a rude return to earth after Russia lost control of a research satellite testing the effect of weightlessness on the small lizards' sex lives.

4 hours ago from

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