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President Trump Calls on Pentagon to Create New Military Branch: A ‘Space Force’

Congress would have to approve a new military service, and lawmakers have been divided on the idea

3 hours ago from TIME

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Explosive volcanoes spawned mysterious Martian rock formation

Explosive volcanic eruptions that shot jets of hot ash, rock and gas skyward are the likely source of a mysterious Martian rock formation, a new study finds. The new finding could add to scientists' ...

14 hours ago from

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Reusable rocket-drone duo that takes off from a RUNWAY could launch satellites every 3 hours

Alabama-based startup, Aevum, claims that its fully autonomous system will drive down the cost of launches and make them as frequent as commercial flights.

4 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Image: Juice thermal development model and the sun simulator

A view of the Juice thermal development model inside the Large Space Simulator at ESA's technical heart in the Netherlands.

8 hours ago from

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NASA's record-breaking spacewoman retires as astronaut

NASA's record-breaking astronaut, Peggy Whitson, is retiring.

Fri 15 Jun 18 from

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Stealth Startup SpinLaunch Raises $40 Million for Radical New Launch Strategy

A company that aims to change the way small satellites get to orbit has just secured $40 million to continue developing its technology.

Sun 17 Jun 18 from

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President Trump to Sign Space Traffic Management Policy

President Trump will sign a new space policy directive June 18 addressing space traffic management issues.

6 hours ago from

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Long suspected theory about the moon holds water

A team of Japanese scientists led by Masahiro Kayama of Tohoku University's Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, has discovered a mineral known as moganite in a lunar ...

Thu 14 Jun 18 from

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Nasa concerned about future of Opportunity rover as huge storm takes over Mars

Engineers don't know how the rover, or Mars, will look once everything is over

Thu 14 Jun 18 from The Independent

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