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Those bright blobs again: Study shows Ceres' spots might have come from within

Scientists may have discovered an ideal site for a new salt mining operation, but extracting the abundant resource would require a little travel, as it's located on Ceres, the largest ...

8 hours ago from Gizmag

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ESA sets date for dramatic end to Rosetta's mission

ESA has announced the date upon which mission operators will crash the Rosetta spacecraft into the surface of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. Unlike its now-sleeping companion, ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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Researchers Spotted Something Very Strange in the Sands of Mars

No, it's not aliens writing messages in the sand. But there is something weird happening on Mars' surface—and it's something that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the universe.Read more...

3 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Watch NASA's Final Rocket Booster Test Light up the Desert

NASA on Tuesday completed the second and final test of the solid rocket booster that's expected to take humans to Mars. The booster is one of two that will power the space agency's Space Launch ...

Wed 29 Jun 16 from Discover Magazine

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ChemCam findings hint at oxygen-rich past on Mars

The discovery of manganese oxides in Martian rocks might tell us that the Red Planet was once more Earth-like than previously believed. A new paper in Geophysical Research Letters reveals that ...

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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Asteroid Day is a chance to learn about space and plan for disaster

Asteroid Day on June 30 tries to raise awareness about the hazards of an asteroid impact and what we could do to stop it.

Wed 29 Jun 16 from ScienceNews

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Opal discovered in Antarctic meteorite

Planetary scientists have discovered pieces of opal in a meteorite found in Antarctica, a result that demonstrates that meteorites delivered water ice to asteroids early in the history of the ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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Blue Origin building orbital launch vehicle facility

Blue Origin and its founder Jeff Bezos do a little one-upmanship on the old saying, "go big or go home." With the groundbreaking of their new orbital vehicle manufacturing complex, they are ...

9 hours ago from

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Dutch radio antenna to depart for the moon on Chinese mission

Researchers at Radboud University, ASTRON and the Delft company Innovative Solutions in Space (ISIS) are to develop a new instrument that will be onboard the Chinese Chang'e4 satellite that ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from

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This Is What It Looks Like When Your Plane Catches on Fire

Warning: If you already have a fear of flying, just sit this one out. At 2:25am Monday local time, Singapore Airlines flight SQ368 took off for Milan, only to turn around hours later due to ...

Tue 28 Jun 16 from Gizmodo

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