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NASA Scientists to Spend Eight Months in Isolation on Hawaii As Part of a Mars Simulation

The 6 crew members will have no physical human contact with the outside world

20 hours ago from TIME

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NASA images show Saturn's bizarre 'wavemaker' moon Daphnis

The 5-mile-wide moon named Daphnis orbits within the Keeler Gap, and its gravity causes the edges to wave in both the horizontal and vertical directions, according to NASA.

7 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Mars rover Curiosity examines possible mud cracks

Scientists used NASA's Curiosity Mars rover in recent weeks to examine slabs of rock cross-hatched with shallow ridges that likely originated as cracks in drying mud.

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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Boeing Wants to Sell Russian Spaceship Rides to NASA

The unusual agreement could act as insurance for NASA's access to the International Space Station should commercial launches be delayed.

15 hours ago from Livescience

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Last man to walk on the Moon, Gene Cernan, has died

Documentary maker reflects on the life of astronaut Gene Cernan, following his death.

Wed 18 Jan 17 from BBC News

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Europe's Galileo satellites hit by anomalies

The European Space Agency says it has opened an investigation into anomalies that have affected five of the first 18 Galileo satellites in orbit.

19 hours ago from

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CBS Gives 'Go' For 'Mission Control' TV Pilot from Author of 'The Martian'

The author of "The Martian" just got the "go" for a pilot of a different type. Andy Weir, who penned the book that served as the basis for the 2015 feature film "The Martian," has now written ...

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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NTU successfully launches its 7th satellite into space

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has successfully launched its 7th satellite into space from the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday evening (16 Jan).

Wed 18 Jan 17 from

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NASA hosts Facebook Live to mark success, future of New Horizons mission

Members of NASA's New Horizons team will discuss the achievements of the first encounter with Pluto and look ahead to the mission's next exploration of the Kuiper Belt during a Facebook Live ...

Tue 17 Jan 17 from

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Weird Mars Rock Spied by Curiosity Rover Is Probably a Meteorite

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has stumbled onto another rock that likely fell from space.

Wed 18 Jan 17 from Livescience

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