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A Giant Cave on the Moon Could Host Lunar Settlers

Turn-of-the-century science fiction posited the existence of aliens living deep within the surface of the moon. Someday, those subterranean creatures could very well be us. New data from the ...

Thu 19 Oct 17 from Discover Magazine

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MAVEN mission finds Mars has a twisted tail

Mars has an invisible magnetic "tail" that is twisted by interaction with the solar wind, according to new research using data from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.

17 hours ago from

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Spacewalking astronauts replace blurry camera on robot arm

Spacewalking astronauts provided some necessary focus to the International Space Station's robot arm on Friday.

5 hours ago from

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Take a walk on Mars—in your own living room

When NASA scientists want to follow the path of the Curiosity rover on Mars, they can don a mixed-reality headset and virtually explore the Martian landscape.

12 hours ago from

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Lego aims to inspire with Women of NASA Lego set

Lego and its community are paying tribute to four female pioneers of space exploration, with a Women of NASA Lego set to inspire of a new generation of scientists and engineers. The ...

18 hours ago from Gizmag

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How well-fed mosquitoes outwit victims at take-off

Stealth and haste are often at the heart of most successful raids, and the forays of famished female mosquitoes are no different. "Female mosquitoes need a blood meal to develop their eggs," ...

Wed 18 Oct 17 from

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Rocket tests and wind farms. Jeff Bezos had more on his mind today than just who wants to host an Amazon HQ.

Blue Origin said it successfully test fired its powerful BE-4 engine.

Thu 19 Oct 17 from The Washington Post

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There’s a Cave on the Moon Large Enough For a Future Lunar Colony

The 31 mile long fissure would protect astronauts from extreme temperatures and radiation

19 hours ago from TIME

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Space greens beat the blues

Where people will go in the cosmos, plants will go. That's the message of a paper titled "Gardening for Therapeutic People-Plant Interactions during Long-Duration Space Missions" written by ...

Wed 18 Oct 17 from

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Image: Simulating lunar surface operations

ESA and the Canadian Space Agency are probing how to explore the Moon with a robot rover. The teams are investigating the challenges of remotely operating a rover in a representative lunar scenario ...

12 hours ago from

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