'Slime Eels' Explode on Highway After Bizarre Traffic Accident

On Thursday afternoon, a photograph of a car trailing a massive stream of snot and also possibly eels began appearing on Twitter. It was a horror show — and the people had questions. Like, what in the world happened? And does insurance cover slime damage? Fortunately, the Oregon State Police and marine biologist Andrew David Thaler had answers. (Thaler’s were considerately assembled in an on-point FAQ entitled “Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions.”) WHAT HAPPENED HERE?It looks like the eels burned their way out of the car pic.twitter.com/QR9wmI6N74— Brian (@pdx_mavs) July 13, 2017 It turns out, the eel-like creatures are not, in fact, eels. They’re Pacific hagfish — primitive jawless fish that... Continue reading…

Apocalyptic hagfish spill covers highway in slime - CNET

Containers filled with creepy sea creatures broke open on an Oregon highway, creating one of the slimiest roadway spills ever recorded.

Fri 14 Jul 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

7,500 Pounds of 'Eels' Cover Oregon Road with Slime (Here's Why)

A highway in Oregon was recently closed when a crate filled with slime eels overturned on the highway, releasing tons of gooey slime. But what exactly are those creatures, and why do they produce ...

Fri 14 Jul 17 from Livescience

Truck full of eels leaves slippery mess on Oregon highway

A truck loaded with eels overturned on U.S. 101 in Oregon on Thursday, sending the slippery sea creatures sprawling across the highway.

Fri 14 Jul 17 from FOXNews

Oozing hagfish spill covers highway with slime in Oregon

The images seem as though they were lifted from some horror show in which alien creatures paralyze highways and melt cars wherever they fall. In a stranger-than-fiction twist, something quite ...

Mon 17 Jul 17 from Inhabitat

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