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EU leaders hammer out landmark climate deal

Greenhouse gas emissions to be cut by at least 40% by 2030, relative to 1990 levels.

23 hours ago from Nature News

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Climate change impacts countered by stricter fisheries management

A new study has found that implementing stricter fisheries management overcame the expected detrimental effects of climate change disturbances in coral reef fisheries badly impacted by the 1997/98 ...

21 hours ago from Phys.org

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No-till agriculture may not bring hoped-for boost in global crop yields, study finds

No-till farming, a key conservation agriculture strategy that avoids conventional plowing and otherwise disturbing the soil, may not bring a hoped-for boost in crop yields in much of the world, ...

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Phys.org

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Earthworms, ants and termites: the real engineers of the ecosystem

The contribution of home gardens in the preservation of biodiversity, economics and human health prompted a multidisciplinary group at the South Border College (Ecosur) in Mexico to work on ...

Fri 24 Oct 14 from Phys.org

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Medicinal plant market goes untested for health hazards, according to a recent study

Herbal medicines such as licorice, Indian rennet and opium poppy, are at risk of contamination with toxic mould, according to a new study published in Fungal Biology. The authors of the study, ...

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Medical Xpress

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After Election 2014: FUSION RESEARCH

Will the U.S. pull out of the ITER project?

18 hours ago from Science Now

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Drones help show how environmental changes affect the spread of infectious diseases

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can collect detailed information in real time at relatively low cost for ecological research. In a new Opinion piece published in the Cell Press journal ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Medical Xpress

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Silicon Valley's latest high-tech gadgetry makes sewage water drinkable

Drinking recycled urine may be the stuff of Dune novels, and a drastic response to California's ongoing drought. But officials in Santa Clara County in the heart of Silicon Valley are hoping ...

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Gizmag

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Arrested development: Sediment wreaks havoc with fish larvae

Sediments associated with dredging and flood plumes could have a significant impact on fish populations by extending the time required for the development of their larvae, according to Australian ...

Thu 23 Oct 14 from Phys.org

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'Shrinking goats' another indicator that climate change affects animal size

Alpine goats appear to be shrinking in size as they react to changes in climate, according to new research from Durham University.

Tue 21 Oct 14 from Phys.org

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