Antarctica Has Lost More Than 3 Trillion Tons Of Ice In 25 Years

Guest lampooning by David Middleton 99.989% rounds up to 100%.† This is fantastic news… Unless you’re a Warmunist.† Fortunately for Warmunists, Science News tailors their headlines to your preferences… NEWS CLIMATE, EARTH, OCEANS Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion metric tons of ice since 1992 Ice loss is accelerating and thatís helped raise the global…

Antarctica Has Lost More Than 3 Trillion Tons Of Ice In 25 Years

Antarctica's ice is melting faster than was thought, say scientists who recently completed the most exhaustive assessment of the ice sheet to date.

Wed 13 Jun 18 from KQED Science

Antarctic Ice Sheet losses fueling sea level rise, study shows

The loss of the Antarctic ice sheet is responsible for 7.6 millimeters of sea level rise since 1992, according to the latest assessment of the polar ice cap.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from UPI

Good News! 99.989% of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Didnít Melt!

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Watts Up With That?

How Scientists Tracked Antarctica's Stunning Ice Loss

The combined results of 24 different surveys of Antarctic ice loss suggest that the rate of melting has *tripled* in the last five years.

Wed 13 Jun 18 from Wired Science

Antarctic ice sheet mass loss has increased

An international study involving scientists from TU Dresden delivers comprehensive facts.

Thu 14 Jun 18 from Eurekalert

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