Massive hole reopens in Antarctic sea ice

A giant hole the size of Maine or Lake Superior has suddenly appeared on the surface of Antarctica and scientists are not quite sure how it came into being. "It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice," said atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, a professor at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus. The sudden emergence of this hole, for the second year in a row, has confounded scientists, whose access to the site is limited. "This is hundreds of kilometers from the ice edge," said Moore. "If we didn't have a satellite, we wouldn't know it was there."[...]

Massive hole reopens in Antarctic sea ice

A mysterious, massive hole, as large as Lake Superior or the State of Maine, has recently been spotted in the winter sea ice cover around Antarctica. This opening, known as a polynya, is the ...

Thu 12 Oct 17 from

Huge, 'mysterious' hole appears in sea ice near Antarctica

The hole, which was detected about a month ago, is roughly 30,000 square miles, which is the size of the state of Maine.        

Fri 13 Oct 17 from USA today

A massive hole just opened up in Antarctica's ice and scientists can't explain it

Thanks to its usefulness as an indicator of how badly humans are messing up the Earth with global warming, scientists like to keep a pretty close eye on the ice in Antarctica.

Thu 12 Oct 17 from FOXNews

Giant Hole Opens in Antarctic Ice Pack, and No One Knows Why

Scientists have been tracking large-scale changes in the Antarctic ice sheet in recent decades, but these changes are usually the result of known processes. The latest change is something tougher ...

Wed 11 Oct 17 from Extremetech

Hole the Size of Maine Opens in Antarctica Ice

Wed 11 Oct 17 from National Geographic

Gaping hole larger than the Netherlands opens up in icy sea off Antarctica

Scientists caution that it's too early to involve climate change in this instance.

Wed 11 Oct 17 from ZME Science

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