Wildfires hit Greenland after record temperatures

Credit: Pierre Markuse/FlickrIt’s not just the American West and British Columbia burning up. A fire has sparked in western Greenland, an odd occurrence for an island known more for ice than fire. A series of blazes is burning roughly in the vicinity of Kangerlussuaq, a small town that serves as a basecamp for researchers in the summer to access Greenland’s ice sheet and western glaciers. The largest fire has burned roughly 3,000 acres and sent smoke spiraling a mile into the sky, prompting hunting and hiking closures in the area, according to local news reports. There’s no denying that it’s weird to be talking about wildfires in Greenland because ice covers the majority of the island. Forests are basically nonexistent and this fire appears to be burning through grasses, willows, and other low-slung vegetation on the tundra that makes up the majority of the land not covered by ice. Data for Greenland fires is hard to come by, but there is some context&nbs

Wildfires hit Greenland after record temperatures

Police in Greenland warned people to stay away from western areas of the island as wildfires scorched swathes of scrubland.

Mon 14 Aug 17 from Phys.org

'Unusual' Greenland wildfires linked to peat

New images have been released of wildfires that continue to burn close to the Greenland ice sheet.

Wed 9 Aug 17 from BBC News

Rare Wildfires Burning in Greenland Seen from Space

Today marks day 10 since the blaze was first detected by instruments aboard NASA satellites.

Wed 9 Aug 17 from Livescience

Add Greenland to the growing list of countries on fire

Environment Reminder, this isn't normal In what is continuing to be an unusual wild fire year, a large conflagration is currently burning Greenland.

Tue 8 Aug 17 from Popular Science

Greenland Experiencing An “Exceptional Number” Of Wildfires This Year

Parts of Greenland are on fire right now. Which is impressive when you consider that almost all of the massive body of land is covered by an enormous ice sheet. Apparently, wildfires aren't ...

Wed 9 Aug 17 from CleanTechnica

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