Climate change in 2016 — and continuing into 2017 — has brought the planet into "truly uncharted territory"

A new report confirms that last year brought record global temperatures, exceptionally low sea ice, and unabated sea level rise Yesterday I reported that even though the warming influence of El Niño is long gone, February of 2017 brought very little letup in global warming. SEE ALSO: As the Trump administration proposes to gut climate change funding, the climate continues to change Now, the World Meteorological Organization is confirming that 2016's "extreme weather and climate condit

'Extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016

The world continues to experience extreme climate trends after a record breaking 2016, says WMO.

Tue 21 Mar 17 from BBC News

2017 already marked by climate extremes: UN

Extreme weather and climate conditions, including Arctic "heatwaves", are continuing this year, after 2016 topped the global temperature charts and saw shrinking sea ice and surging sea levels.

Tue 21 Mar 17 from

Weather and climate extremes continue to set new records

Last year was bad, but 2017 is shaping to follow suit as carbon levels, temperatures and sea levels continue to rise, says the World Meteorological Organisation

Mon 20 Mar 17 from Newscientist

No El Nino? No problem. Earth sizzles to near record heat

Even without an El Nino warming the world's waters, Earth in February sizzled to its second hottest temperature on record, behind only last year.

Fri 17 Mar 17 from

Man-made climate change is real with 'no room for doubt'

The World Meteorological Organization published its annual report on the state of the global climate, confirming that 2016 was the warmest year on record (stock).

Tue 21 Mar 17 from Daily Mail

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