AccuWeather’s VR app is like dystopian design fiction

AccuWeather is releasing a virtual reality app for Gear VR, in what is either a strange novelty experiment or some remarkably dystopian social commentary. The app is called “AccuWeather — Weather for Life,” and it provides two major features. The first is a library of 360-degree video for severe weather events, which will be updated weekly. The second is a service that provides current weather conditions, detailed hourly and daily forecasts, and the option to “uniquely experience an array of dynamic weather conditions” like storms and snowfall as they occur. AccuWeather says users can do this through daily forecasts or “a secret weather feature called WeatherScape.” As usual for Gear VR apps, it’s available on recent Samsung flagship... Continue reading…

AccuWeather now lets you look at the forecast in virtual reality

Checking the weather report is usually a colorless, simple experience -- a glance at an app to see the five day forecast or check the news for any major storms or events. If you have ...

Sat 18 Mar 17 from Engadget

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