Stunning Images of a California Superbloom

In some parts of the country, cold weather is threatening crops. Meanwhile, California has been so unseasonably wet that its deserts are experiencing what’s called a “super bloom.” After years of drought, the normally arid desert is lush. “It just looks like a sea of flowers,” says Janet Gordon, a geologist Read More … Source:: … Continue reading California Deserts in ‘Super Bloom’ Thanks to a Wet Winter →

Stunning Images of a California Superbloom

Color is popping up everywhere in the California desert, thanks to a wet winter after years of drought.

Mon 20 Mar 17 from Livescience

Don’t go to Death Valley looking for a ‘Super Bloom’

Science Check your wildflower forecasts carefully Exactly how common are super blooms, and how can you find one? Read on.

Fri 17 Mar 17 from Popular Science

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