Into the Badlands is the perfect cure for your Iron Fist blues

There’s plenty to dislike about Iron Fist, but I’m not here to critique its (justified) casting controversy, its wooden acting, or even its breathtakingly bad plot. Instead I want to shout out the show’s unsung hero, the only character to make any damn sense in its crazy world: Claire Temple. My girl Claire, played by Rosario Dawson, has been the go-to nurse throughout Netflix’s take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the course of four shows and five seasons, we’ve watched her grow. Where early Daredevil episodes used her as a plot device — a love interest turned into a damsel in need of rescuing — Iron Fist sees her learning how to fight back. Claire takes lessons from martial arts master Colleen Wing, and eventually finds herself... Continue reading…

6 problems that make Iron Fist so frustrating

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Lewis Tan and the awkward case of what Iron Fist could have been

Much has been said about the casting problems in Iron Fist, a show centered around the trope of a Western white man adapting the practices of a mystical Eastern society. Danny Rand, ...

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You don't know kung fu, Iron Fist - CNET

Commentary: Marvel and Netflix's latest series has gotten plenty of bashing from critics, but really the main character just sucks at fighting back.

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MovieBob Reviews: IRON FIST (Season 1)

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