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Major earthquake hits Nepal

Shaking struck near Kathmandu, where buildings collapsed and thousands are feared dead.

4 hours ago from Nature News

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Magma Under Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Fill Grand Canyon 14 Times

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown reservoir

Fri 24 Apr 15 from TIME

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Experts gathered in Nepal a week ago to ready for earthquake

Nepal's devastating earthquake was the disaster experts knew was coming.

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In pictures: Calbuco volcano eruption

Calbuco volcano erupts in Chile sending smoke and ash into the sky. The authorities have declared a red alert and evacuated more than 4,000 people

Fri 24 Apr 15 from BBC News

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Geothermal energy, aluto volcano, and Ethiopia's rift valley

In their open access paper published in Geosphere this month, William Hutchison and colleagues present new data from Ethiopia's Rift Valley and Aluto volcano, a major volcano in the region. ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Map shows content and origins of the nation's geologic basement

A map showing the many different pieces of Earth's crust that comprise the nation's geologic basement is now available from the U.S. Geological Survey. This is the first map to portray these ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Ascent or no ascent? How hot material is stopped in the Earth's mantle

The largest magmatic events on Earth are caused by massive melting of ascending large volumes of hot material from the Earth's interior.

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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Image: Sentinel-1A satellite images Florida

The peninsula sits between the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The large body of water at the top of the image is the freshwater Lake Okeechobee. Covering about ...

Fri 24 Apr 15 from

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How do these birds run on water?

High-speed video reveals the mechanics of how grebes stay afloat

Wed 22 Apr 15 from Science Now

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How Human Activity Is Causing Earthquakes Across the United States

Eight states in the South and Central U.S. are experiencing rapid earthquake growth partially as a result of oil and gas activity

Fri 24 Apr 15 from TIME

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