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Snowmobile plunge claims life of Antarctica researcher

An expert on how melting glaciers feed sea level rise has died in a crevasse fall a reminder of the hazards of the Antarctic terrain

17 hours ago from Newscientist

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Urbanization: The historical cause of low oxygen conditions in European lakes

A new study shows that hypoxia, i.e. low oxygen conditions, in European lakes started in 1850, becoming more widespread after 1900, long before the use of chemical fertilizers and climate change. ...

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Atom-by-atom growth chart for shells helps decode past climate

For the first time scientists can see how the shells of tiny marine organisms grow atom-by-atom, a new study reports. The advance provides new insights into the mechanisms of biomineralization ...

13 hours ago from

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Ice shelf vibrations cause unusual waves in Antarctic atmosphere

Low-frequency vibrations of the Ross Ice Shelf are likely causing ripples and undulations in the air above Antarctica, a new study finds. Using mathematical models of the ice shelf, the study's ...

16 hours ago from

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NASA animation shows Seymour becomes a hurricane

Tropical Depression 20 formed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean on Sunday and by Monday at 11 a.m. it exploded into a hurricane named Seymour. An animation of satellite imagery created by NASA shows ...

12 hours ago from

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Clearing 'visual noise' to improve underwater vision and deep sea exploration

Mankind has long been peering into the depths of the sea. From finding fish to avoiding rocks, the ability to see as far as possible through turbid water has been important for thousands of ...

17 hours ago from

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What the ancient CO2 record may mean for future climate change

The last time Earth experienced both ice sheets and carbon dioxide levels within the range predicted for this century was a period of major sea level rise, melting ice sheets and upheaval of ...

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In Photos: Diving in a Twilight Coral Reef

Diving deep in the Red Sea, researchers discover a dim, blue world.

14 hours ago from Livescience

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USGS: Oklahoma quake likely caused by wastewater disposal

The third-largest earthquake in Oklahoma was likely triggered by underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production, the U.S. Geological Survey found in a report issued Monday.

11 hours ago from

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Climate change is shifting areas of skin disease concern

Reuters - Climate change is bringing certain skin diseases and other illnesses to regions where they were rarely seen before, according to a recent research review.

Fri 21 Oct 16 from FOXNews

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