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'Fossil' groundwater's modern secret

The deepest and oldest waters on Earth are not immune from contamination, warn scientists.

15 hours ago from BBC News

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Million-year old water explains Blood Falls mystery

Blood Falls may sound like the title of a thriller novel, but it's actually an Antarctic mystery that has puzzled scientists for over a century. The origin of the blood-red water that ...

Tue 25 Apr 17 from Gizmag

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New model could help predict major earthquakes

A Nagoya University-led team reveals the mechanisms behind different earthquakes at a plate boundary on the west coast of South America, shedding light on historical seismic events and potentially ...

15 hours ago from

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Can DJI’s No-Fly Zone Software Stop ISIS from Weaponizing Drones?

Virtual fences could help drone manufacturers stop aircraft being used as home-brew killing machines—but terrorists may have other ideas.

11 hours ago from MIT Technology Review

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Engineers shine light on deadly landslide

Late in the morning of March 22, 2014, a huge chunk of land cut loose and roared down a hillside in the Stillaguamish River Valley just east of Oso, Washington, about 60 miles northeast of Seattle. ...

9 hours ago from

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Researchers quantify the changes that lightning inspires in rock

Benjamin Franklin, founder of the University of Pennsylvania, is believed to have experimented with lightning's powerful properties using a kite and key, likely coming close to electrocuting ...

9 hours ago from

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Global warming accounts for tripling of extreme West African Sahel storms, study shows

The UK-based Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) has led an international team of scientists who reveal global warming is responsible for a tripling in the frequency of extreme West African ...

12 hours ago from

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Hard rocks from Himalaya raise flood risk for millions

Scientists have shown how earthquakes and storms in the Himalaya can increase the impact of deadly floods in one of Earth's most densely populated areas.

12 hours ago from

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Underwater volcano eruptions allow new bacteria to take over seafloor

What happens when Nature decides to push the "reset" button on an ecosystem? The answer can be found in the aftermath of the submarine volcanic eruptions that took place off El Hierro ...

18 hours ago from Gizmag

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Iceberg 'doodles' trace climate history

Scientists publish a new atlas of the poles, detailing the sometimes strange shapes on the ocean floor.

Tue 25 Apr 17 from BBC News

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