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NASA finds very heavy rainfall in Hurricane Maria

NASA looked into Hurricane Maria and found that powerful convective storms within the hurricane were dropping heavy rainfall. Maria brought that heavy rainfall to Puerto Rico and made landfall ...

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At Least 9 Dead After ‘Extremely Violent’ Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall

(SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico) — One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Puerto Rico pummeled the island Wednesday, tearing off roofs and sending doors flying from hinges as officials warned ...

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Carbon calculations say sixth mass extinction looms

An analysis of past mass extinctions calculates that rising carbon dioxide levels make another one almost inevitable. Andrew Masterson reports.

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Wave Glider surfs across stormy Drake Passage in Antarctica

The Southern Ocean is key to Earth's climate, but the same gusting winds, big waves and strong currents that are important to ocean physics make it perilous for oceanographers.

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Researchers take on atmospheric effects of Arctic snowmelt

Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Geophysical Institute are exploring the changing chemistry of the Arctic's atmosphere to help answer the question of what happens as snow and ...

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10,000 year-old DNA proves when fish colonized lakes

DNA molecules in lake sediment are few and hard bound to particles. This resulted in challenging analyses and required development of new methods, both for extracting sufficiently clean DNA ...

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Nevada experiment mimics earthquakes to test bridge designs

A day after a deadly earthquake struck Mexico City, University of Nevada scientists will mimic quakes to test new bridge designs developed to help the structures better withstand violent temblors.

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Gravity waves influence weather and climate

Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes, for example at weather fronts, during storms or when air masses stroke over mountain ranges. They can occasionally ...

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NASA gets an infrared view of large Tropical Storm Jose

Satellite imagery shows that Jose is a large storm, with a large reach. NASA's Aqua satellite captured cloud top temperatures of Tropical Storm Jose that revealed the strongest storms were in ...

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Bats anticipate optimal weather conditions

Millions of animals fly, swim or walk around the Earth every year. To ensure that they reach their destination, they need to perceive precise changes in environmental conditions and choose the ...

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