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US braces for second day of scorching weekend temperatures

Americans braced for a second—and equally scorching—day of dangerously hot weather Sunday, with daytime temperatures forecast to approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) across a ...

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Scientists Propose Dumping Absurd Amounts of Snow On Antarctica To Curb Sea Level Rise

A photo of Thwaites Glacier taken during a reconnaissance flight. (Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation) Climate change is melting the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. A recent swell in warm ...

Wed 17 Jul 19 from Discover Magazine

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Geoscientists discover mechanisms controlling Greenland ice sheet collapse

Greenland's more than 860,000 square miles are largely covered with ice and glaciers, and its melting fuels as much as one-third of the sea level rise in Florida. That's why a team of University ...

Fri 19 Jul 19 from

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World experienced hottest June on record in 2019, says US agency

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the average temperature was 61.6F (16.4C).

Fri 19 Jul 19 from BBC News

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Algae-killing viruses spur nutrient recycling in oceans

Scientists have confirmed that viruses can kill marine algae called diatoms and that diatom die-offs near the ocean surface may provide nutrients and organic matter for recycling by other algae, ...

Thu 18 Jul 19 from

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National Weather Service Bakes Biscuits Inside Hot Car to Demonstrate Heat in Nebraska

The National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley, Nebraska baked biscuits in a hot car to demonstrate effects of the heat. (Photo Credit: National Weather Service Omaha ...

Fri 19 Jul 19 from

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This site shows how much Arctic ice will melt the next time you fly - CNET

Thanks to Shameplane, first class might not seem so great anymore.

Fri 19 Jul 19 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Sediment libraries show marine ecosystems are accumulating oil pollution faster than ever

Marine sediments tell the history of an environment, including oil spills. By "reading" sediments from the past century, a research team has now determined how much oil hydrocarbon is accumulated ...

Fri 19 Jul 19 from

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Strong storms also play big role in Antarctic ice shelf collapse

Warming temperatures and changes in ocean circulation and salinity are driving the breakup of ice sheets in Antarctica, but a new study suggests that intense storms may help push the system ...

Thu 18 Jul 19 from

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'Crystal clocks' used to time magma storage before volcanic eruptions

The molten rock that feeds volcanoes can be stored in the Earth's crust for as long as a thousand years, a result which may help with volcanic hazard management and better forecasting of when ...

Thu 18 Jul 19 from

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