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Scientists eavesdrop on volcanic rumblings to forecast eruptions

A new study has shown that monitoring inaudible low frequencies called infrasound produced by a type of active volcano could improve the forecasting of significant, potentially deadly eruptions.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from

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Geophysicists and atmospheric scientists partner to track typhoons' seismic footprints

Climatologists are often asked, "Is climate change making hurricanes stronger?" but they can't give a definitive answer because the global hurricane record only goes back to the dawn of the ...

Thu 15 Feb 18 from

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How Did Hurricane Maria Affect Wildlife? Just Listen

Hurricane Maria, it’s safe to say, was devastating to Puerto Rico. More than five months ago, on September 20th, the Category 4 storm ravaged the U.S. territory, causing $90 billion worth of ...

Fri 16 Feb 18 from Discover Magazine

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First POV Video From a Minke Whale’s Back

Scientists finally got a camera on one of the small, elusive whales and can now see what their lives are like.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from National Geographic

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Student research team accelerates snow melt with 'Melt Mat'

Snow storms often leave behind reminders of their presence for days - sometimes weeks - after warmer and sunnier weather returns. Snowbanks, often created by snow plows as they clear major roadways, ...

Fri 16 Feb 18 from TechXplore

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Arizona meteorite fetches record-breaking $237,500 at auction

A rare meteorite that plowed through the Arizona desert nearly 50,000 years ago sold for a staggering $237,500 during an online auction.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from FOXNews

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Don't blame hurricanes for most big storm surges in Northeast

Hurricanes spawn most of the largest storm surges in the northeastern U.S., right? Wrong, according to a study by Rutgers University-New Brunswick scientists.

Thu 15 Feb 18 from

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Predicting the fate of oil spills in Arctic sea ice

Sea ice is more complicated than you might think. It's not solid. It's much more like a sponge, shot through with tiny channels and pores that can contain salt, briny sea water, or air bubbles.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from

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NASA sees Tropical Storm 10S form along Western Australia Coast

After days of lingering off the west Kimberley coast of Western Australia as a slowly organizing low pressure area, Tropical Storm 10S has formed about 50 miles west of Broome, Australia.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from

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Chris Rock’s first comedy special in 10 years hits Netflix - CNET

Netflix continues to be a powerhouse in stand-up comedy specials.

Fri 16 Feb 18 from CNET

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