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Previously unknown global ecological disaster discovered

There have been several mass extinctions in the history of the earth with adverse consequences for the environment. Researchers from the University of Zurich have now uncovered another disaster ...

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Scientists now listening for whales in New York waters with real-time acoustic buoy

Scientists working for WCS's (Wildlife Conservation Society) New York Aquarium and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) now have an "ear" for the New York region's biggest "voices ...

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Wind-blown Antarctic sea ice helps drive ocean circulation

Antarctic sea ice is constantly on the move as powerful winds blow it away from the coast and out toward the open ocean. A new study shows how that ice migration may be more important for the ...

Mon 27 Jun 16 from

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Photos: Geologists Home-brew Lava

The largest home-brew lava experiment aims to test what happens when hot, molten rock meets with water, an unanswered question in geology.

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This city is sinking twice as fast as New Orleans

If New Orleans is sinking, Beijing might as well be in freefall.

Mon 27 Jun 16 from FOXNews

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NASA's IMERG measures deadly West Virginia flooding rainfall

Since June 23, 2016 over two dozen people have been reported killed and hundreds of homes have been destroyed by flooding in West Virginia. Using satellite data, NASA calculated the heavy rainfall ...

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Super-slow circulation allowed world's oceans to store huge amounts of carbon during last ice age

The way the ocean transported heat, nutrients and carbon dioxide at the peak of the last ice age, about 20,000 years ago, is significantly different than what has previously been suggested, ...

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Watch a baby sea turtle being hypnotised so we can weigh it

Baby sea turtles won't stay still long enough for conservation biologists to weigh and measure them. Now we have a way to stop them squirming hypnotise them

Mon 27 Jun 16 from Newscientist

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Could a vast rubber boom clean up tonnes of ocean plastic?

A 100-metre prototype boom is being tested in the North Sea as part of an unproven scheme to tackle the gyres of plastic waste in the Pacific

Mon 27 Jun 16 from Newscientist

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Siberian larch forests are still linked to the ice age

Bremerhaven/Germany, 24 June 2016. The Siberian permafrost regions include those areas of the Earth, which heat up very quickly in the course of climate change. Nevertheless, biologists are ...

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