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Massive Impact Crater Beneath Greenland Could Explain Ice Age Climate Swing

Most of Earth’s surface has been plotted, mapped and measured. And along the way, scientists have turned up a plethora of craters big and small. But there was always one major crater missing. 12,800 ...

9 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Human Activities Are Making Hurricanes Worse: Study

Anthropogenic climate change and urbanization appear to boost rainfall and exacerbate flooding risks, according to two Nature papers.

9 hours ago from The Scientist

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Earth is "drinking" more seawater through the Mariana Trench than previously thought

The Earth's surface is famously a pretty wet place, but a new study suggests that the mantle is home to much more water than was previously believed. Observations of seismic activity ...

34 minutes ago from Gizmag

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Campi Flegrei Is Warming Up, But We're Likely Not Close to an Eruption

First things first. This new article in Science Advances I'm about to discuss does not -- I repeat, does not -- say that an eruption will be happening soon at the Campi Flegrei in Italy. There ...

9 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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For arid, Mars-like Peruvian desert, rain brings death

When rains fell on the arid Atacama Desert, it was reasonable to expect floral blooms to follow. Instead, the water brought death.

10 hours ago from

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Discovery of high geothermal heat at South Pole

Scientists have discovered an area near the South Pole where the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is melting unexpectedly quickly. Using radar to look through three km of ice, the team found ...

15 hours ago from

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First tally of US-Russia polar bears finds a healthy population

Not all polar bears are in the same dire situation due to retreating sea ice, at least not right now. Off the western coast of Alaska, the Chukchi Sea is rich in marine life, but the number ...

10 hours ago from

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How weather and climate shape Earth's life sustaining surface

We know less about the ground beneath our feet than we do about the surface of Mars, but new research by University of Colorado Boulder geoscientists shines a light on this hidden world from ...

13 hours ago from

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Middle Eastern desert dust on the Tibetan plateau could affect the Indian summer monsoon

More than a century ago, British meteorologist Henry Blanford noted a connection between springtime snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau and Himalaya mountain range and the intensity of the summer ...

13 hours ago from

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Climate change likely caused migration, demise of ancient Indus Valley civilization

More than 4,000 years ago, the Harappa culture thrived in the Indus River Valley of what is now modern Pakistan and northwestern India, where they built sophisticated cities, invented sewage ...

Tue 13 Nov 18 from

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