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What carved the Tsangpo Gorge?

New findings dispel an old notion about the feature's erosion

Thu 20 Nov 14 from Science Now

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Netflix Is Rescuing a Tina Fey-Created Series That NBC Killed

Saving shows that networks stupidly cancelled has been kind of a thing for the new wave of content creators, like Yahoo famously taking the reins of Community . Now a pre-emptively cancelled ...

Fri 21 Nov 14 from Gizmodo

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Scientists show salinity counts when it comes to sea level

Using ocean observations and a large suite of climate models, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists have found that long-term salinity changes have a stronger influence on regional ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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ESA image: Tokyo Bay, Japan from orbit

This image from Sentinel-1A's radar on 11 July shows Tokyo Bay in Japan.

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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Global Temperatures Are the Hottest on Record for a Fifth Month This Year

That's despite the U.S. experiencing a bit of a deep-freeze

Fri 21 Nov 14 from TIME

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Erosion may trigger earthquakes

Researchers from laboratories at Géosciences Rennes (CNRS/Université de Rennes 1), Géosciences Montpellier (CNRS/Université de Montpellier 2) and Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (CNRS/IPGP/Université ...

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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Deep-earth carbon offers clues on origin of life on Earth

New findings by a Johns Hopkins University-led team reveal long unknown details about carbon deep beneath the Earth's surface and suggest ways this subterranean carbon might have influenced ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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Permafrost soil: Possible source of abrupt rise in greenhouse gases at end of last Ice Age

Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have identified a possible source of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases that were ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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What's behind snowmageddon that hit the US this week?

A kink in the jet stream caused by a recent super typhoon over the Pacific is driving freezing temperatures and early snowfall in the US

Fri 21 Nov 14 from Newscientist

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Scientists show plague outbreaks linked to El Nino climate conditions

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have found that outbreaks of plague in Madagascar are linked to a naturally occurring climate event in the tropical Pacific.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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