The last black leopard photographed in Kenya was born in New York

Sometimes, a black cat can bring good luck. A professional photographer, together with leopard researchers from San Diego Zoo and Kenya’s Loisaba Conservancy, used camera traps to document the presence of a melanistic (black) leopard in Laikipia County in northern Kenya. Field staff at Loisaba had received several reports of observations of a black leopard […]

The last black leopard photographed in Kenya was born in New York

New images of a black leopard taken by a camera trap in Kenya were claimed to be the first in 100 years, but that wasn't strictly true

Thu 14 Feb 19 from Newscientist

Elusive 'black panther' alive and well in Kenya, study shows

Whispers of sightings of the elusive black leopard have long swirled around central Kenya, and scientists have now confirmed its presence there with a series of rare images taken by camera traps.

Wed 13 Feb 19 from

Black panther: Rare animal caught on camera in Kenya

It's thought to be the first time the rare animal has been photographed in Africa in a century.

Wed 13 Feb 19 from BBC News

Rare Black Panther Caught on Camera in Kenya

Marvel’s Black Panther made history last month when it became the first ever superhero film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas made history ...

Thu 14 Feb 19 from

Incredible real life Black Panther images emerge from Kenya - CNET

Wakanda forever! There are very few shots of the elusive Black Panther, but British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas shot some of the best ones yet.

Wed 13 Feb 19 from CNET

The good luck black cat, revealed by camera traps

Wed 13 Feb 19 from

Rare black panther photographed in Kenya

Biologists have documented a black panther stalking the forests of Kenya -- a rarity.

Wed 13 Feb 19 from UPI

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