Officially licensed Star Wars keycaps are on the way, but they aren't cheap

Are you a fan of Star Wars? For the more hardcore fans out there, we imagine that you probably have all kinds of Star Wars related merchandise, official and unofficial. Now if you’re looking to take your fandom to the next level, you might be interested to learn that the folks at NovelKeys, Signature Plastics, and Disney have teamed up for officially-licensed Star Wars keycaps.In case you’re wondering and the photo above wasn’t already obvious, keycaps are the keys on your keyboard, which you can actually change and customize according to your liking based on what’s available out there. Now there have been many designs in the past, but this is the first and only officially-licensed Star Wars keycap set that we know of.These are created in the DSA profile and are made of PBT material which is said to be slightly longer-lasting compared to ABS. There will be 157 keycaps include in this design and should be able to cover a number of keyboard layouts, ranging from a full-sized keyboard to 60%. The keycaps are al

Officially licensed Star Wars keycaps are on the way, but they aren't cheap

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