Dying Massive Star Goes out With a Whisper

A Strange, Dying Star Astronomers watched the strange death of a massive star that had a surprisingly “wimpy” and fast explosion in a galaxy 920 million light-years away. According to the researchers, this unusual explosion suggests that the dying star had a secret companion that was stripping away the star’s mass, leading to the surprisingly fast supernova. The team, led by CalTech graduate student Kishalay De, believes that this explosion birthed a binary neutron star binary system. They su

Dying Massive Star Goes out With a Whisper

Thu 11 Oct 18 from Discover Magazine

This massive star died with a whisper, not a bang

An odd, "wimpy" supernova appears to have birthed something strange.

Thu 11 Oct 18 from Astronomy.com

Little supernova is big discovery: The origin of binary neutron stars

An international research team discovered the first recorded 'ultra-stripped supernova,' a rare, faint type of supernova that is believed to play a role in the formation of binary neutron star ...

Fri 12 Oct 18 from Eurekalert

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