Can Black Holes Explain Dark Matter? New Study Helps Disprove the Idea

The hunt for a dark matter explanation seems endless, but now we can mostly rule out one often mentioned potential culprit: black holes. “The idea of primordial black holes as dark matter is quite old, with some papers already in the '70s when Stephen Hawking and others proposed it,” said lead study author Miguel Zumalacárregui of the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics. Scientists couldn’t find any proof for the idea in the '90s, and it started to fade away as an explanation. But th

Black Holes Unlikely the Source of Universe's Missing Dark Matter

Scientists have ruled out black holes as a possible source for most of the elusive dark matter scattered throughout much of the universe.

Thu 18 Oct 18 from

Black holes can't explain dark matter

A new study shows the universe's mysterious missing matter can't be attributed entirely to black holes.

Thu 11 Oct 18 from

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