A Black Hole 'Double Burps'

Supermassive black holes reside at the center of most, if not all, massive (and possibly low-mass) galaxies. They range in size from millions to billions of solar masses, and they can eat voraciously or not at all, depending on their surroundings. But one thing is clear: Black holes don’t have very good table manners, as a team led by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder confirmed last week at the 231st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, D.C. The team

A Black Hole 'Double Burps'

Tue 16 Jan 18 from Discover Magazine

Scientists Observe Rare Supermassive Black Hole ‘Double Belch’

The action has rarely been observed before

Fri 12 Jan 18 from TIME

Huge black hole blasts out 'double burp'

A massive black hole is seen to eject streams of high energy particles after binging on hot gas.

Thu 11 Jan 18 from BBC News

Supermassive black hole emits a ferocious ‘double burp’

Researchers from Nasa and the University of Colorado at Boulder have detected a distant supermassive black hole burping twice after engulfing a cloud of hot cosmic gas.

Fri 12 Jan 18 from Daily Mail

Monster black hole unleashes messy double 'burp'

The giant black hole at the center of a distant galaxy has been spotted taking in gas and letting out two mighty "burps" of high-energy particles, lending support to the theory that such galactic ...

Fri 12 Jan 18 from FOXNews

Monster Black Hole Unleashes Messy Double 'Burp', Thu 11 Jan 18 from SPACE.com

A black hole’s “double burp” shows its behavior over time

Black holes have terrible table manners, but at least they rest between meals.

Tue 16 Jan 18 from Astronomy.com

Supermassive black hole caught burping — twice

Thu 11 Jan 18 from ScienceDaily


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