Colossal distant black hole holds surprises about early universe (page 2)

Astronomers have spotted the most distant supermassive black hole ever seen in our Universe ó a behemoth thatís nearly a billion times more massive than our Sun. This is no ordinary black hole either, but an active one known as a quasar thatís surrounded by a super bright, highly energetic disk of swirling gas and dust. And its discovery could help scientists learn more about what conditions were like when the Universe was still quite young. The object ó detailed in studies published today in Nature and the Astrophysical Journal Letters ó gives us a great snapshot of the past. Itís so far away that its light has taken around 13.1 billion years to reach us. And since the Big Bang is thought to have occurred 13.8 billion years ago,... Continue reading…

Colossal distant black hole holds surprises about early universe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The oldest and most distant black hole ever observed -- a celestial brute 800 million times more massive than the sun -- is providing scientists some surprises about the ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Reuters

Mysterious monster of a black hole puzzles scientists - CNET

The farthest known supermassive black hole has left NASA astronomers and other scientists amazed at its existence.

Wed 6 Dec 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

The most-distant supermassive black hole ever found

A team led by the Carnegie Observatories' Eduardo Banados reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday that the black hole lies in a quasar dating to 690 million years of the Big Bang. ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Daily Mail

The oldest, most distant supermassive black hole ever seen has been discovered by scientists

The most distant and oldest supermassive black hole ever seen has been discovered, astronomers announced in a study published Wednesday.        

Wed 6 Dec 17 from USA today

Farthest-ever supermassive black hole reveals the early universe

Quasars are supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies that actively consume gas and dust. As mass falls into the black hole, it forms an accretion disk around the black hole ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from Engadget

Oldest Monster Black Hole Ever Found Is 800 Times More Massive Than the Sun

Astronomers have discovered the oldest supermassive black hole yet, a behemoth that grew to 800 million times the mass of the sun when the universe was just 5 percent of its current age, a new ...

Wed 6 Dec 17 from

Scientists glimpse most distant supermassive black hole in the known universe

A team of scientists has discovered the known universe's most distant supermassive black hole. The black hole is so far from Earth, it has taken over 13 billion years for light from the object ...

Thu 7 Dec 17 from Inhabitat

Super big black hole from early universe farthest ever found

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Astronomers have discovered a super-size black hole harkening back to almost the dawn of creation....

Wed 6 Dec 17 from AP


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