New Super-Earth May Be Best Yet for Finding Signs of Life (page 2)

In a rare find, a rocky “super-Earth” planet has been located orbiting around a cool dwarf star — and it’s just a mere 39 light years away. The world gets its “super” nickname because it’s a bit bigger and slightly more massive than our own planet. But just like Earth, this planet sits in the coveted habitable zone, the region around a star where temperatures are just right for liquid water to pool on a planet’s surface. That make this place an exciting candidate in the search for life outside our Solar System. Dubbed LHS 1140b, the planet was first spotted in September 2014 by a group of telescopes in the mountains of southern Chile. The telescopes, part of the MEarth-South telescope array, saw the planet as it passed in front of its... Continue reading…

Newly found exoplanet might be the place yet to hunt for alien life

Such discoveries keep piling up. We can only rejoice.

Wed 19 Apr 17 from ZME Science

Newfound exoplanet the latest hot place to look for aliens - CNET

The list of planets worth checking for signs of life seems to grow with each passing month. Another super-Earth in our galactic neighborhood has just made it to the top of the chart.

Wed 19 Apr 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Newly discovered exoplanet LHS 1140b could host alien life

Scientists used telescopes based near La Serena, Chile, to spot the planet, dubbed LHS 1140b. Its large size means that a magma ocean could have existed on its surface for millions of years. ...

Wed 19 Apr 17 from Daily Mail

Super-Earth Discovered! May Be Great Place To Look For Life | Video

Conditions may be right for life to exist on an exoplanet, 40 light-years from Earth, named LHS 1140b. Its red dwarf host star "emits less radiation than similar low-mass stars," according ...

Wed 19 Apr 17 from


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