Why Shaquille O'Neal's Flat-Earth Ideas Are Out of Bounds

Dr. Shaquille O’Neal is no longer a professional basketball player, he’s a podcaster. That means he has unlimited opportunities to stick his size 22 foot in his mouth. On the latest episode, he threw his support behind the ridiculous belief that the world is flat. Why? He drives, and when he does, it’s flat to him.Read more...

Shaquille O’Neal announced the Earth is flat… and we really shouldn’t care. Or should we?

Shaq just entered a select club of flat-earthers.

Mon 20 Mar 17 from ZME Science

Shaq believes the Earth is flat, too - CNET

Commentary: The famed former Lakers star and now TNT analyst says he drives from Florida to California and it sure seems flat to him.

Sun 19 Mar 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Kyrie Irving still believes Earth is flat and he controls dreams - CNET

Commentary: The Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star says he wasn't joking about being a flat-earther. He also appears to have supernatural powers.

Wed 15 Mar 17 from CNET Cutting Edge

Shaq latest in the NBA community to join flat-Earth belief

ATLANTA (AP) -- Count Shaquille O'Neal among the roster of NBA personalities who believe the Earth is flat....

Mon 20 Mar 17 from AP

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