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To Find Nectar, Bees Follow Blue Halos

Subtle halos on flowers function as bright blue landing pads for bees. Tiny ridges on flowers, visible only at the nanoscale, serve to reflect blue and ultraviolet light that draws in pollinators. ...

6 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Researchers find noxious ice cloud on Saturn's moon Titan

Researchers with NASA's Cassini mission found evidence of a toxic hybrid ice in a wispy cloud high above the south pole of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

5 hours ago from

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Uranus will be closest to Earth tomorrow and visible

The ice giant planet will reach opposition on Thursday, bringing it to the closest point in its orbit to Earth. NASA says it will be visible in the night sky, and may be bright enough to see ...

4 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Mysterious particles spotted in Saturn’s atmosphere

Source may be dust shed by planet’s iconic rings, according to data from NASA's doomed Cassini probe.

Tue 17 Oct 17 from Nature News

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Stellar collision: What we learnt from the spectacular, violent explosion of two stars deep in space

Einstein was very right, we now know where the gold and platinum in jewellery comes from – and that's not even all

Tue 17 Oct 17 from The Independent

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Extraordinary image of a frog eating a snake

An image of an Australian Green Tree Frog eating what appears to be an Eastern Brown Snake has gone viral, after a Reddit user posted it with the caption 'One Last Scream Into the Abysssss'. ...

9 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Solo: all latest news for the next standalone Star Wars movie

Who’s scruffy looking? Continue reading…

6 hours ago from The Verge

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Earth's new traveling buddy is definitely an asteroid, not space junk

At the 49th Annual Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting in Provo, Utah, astronomers led by Vishnu Reddy at the University of Arizona confirm true nature of one of Earth's companions on its ...

Tue 17 Oct 17 from

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Gravitational waves shows us how gold is formed

I was never really a fan of gold, but knowing where it originates somehow makes it much more beautiful.

Tue 17 Oct 17 from ZME Science

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Neutron star crash: 'The gift that will keep on giving'

The astrophysics world is abuzz after the first-ever observation of two neutron stars merging in a cataclysmic crash that left a rich trail of debris for scientists to comb through.

Mon 16 Oct 17 from

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