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Hydrogen volcanoes may increase habitability of exoplanets

Does TRAPPIST-1 have three potentially habitable planets or four? New research by scientists at Cornell University led by Ramses Ramirez, indicates that number four is a possibility ...

8 hours ago from Gizmag

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Growing problem: Pot lights give ham radio operators a buzz

Retired Coast Guard officer Roger Johnson sometimes notices a harsh buzz when he turns on his amateur radio, and he blames high-powered lighting used to grow pot.

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First evidence of rocky planet formation in Tatooine system

Evidence of planetary debris surrounding a double sun, 'Tatooine-like' system has been found for the first time by a UCL-led team of researchers.

20 hours ago from

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Netflix teases cops and orcs for Will Smith film 'Bright' - CNET

Netflix wants to add "fantasy blockbuster movie" to its resume and it hopes "Bright," starring Will Smith, will do the trick.

16 hours ago from CNET

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Scientists reach back in time to discover some of the most power-packed galaxies

When the universe was young, a supermassive black hole—bloated to the bursting point with stupendous power—heaved out a jet of particle-infused energy that raced through the vastness of space ...

14 hours ago from

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Stars regularly ripped apart by black holes in colliding galaxies

Astronomers based at the University of Sheffield have found evidence that stars are ripped apart by supermassive black holes 100 times more often than previously thought.

20 hours ago from

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Miniature particle accelerator saves on contrast agents

The most prevalent method for obtaining images of clogged coronary vessels is coronary angiography. For some patients, however, the contrast agents used in this process can cause health problems. ...

20 hours ago from

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Stargazers applaud as moon eclipses sun

Stargazers applauded as they were plunged into darkness Sunday when the moon passed in front of the sun in a spectacular "ring of fire" eclipse.

Sun 26 Feb 17 from

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Image: The evolution of supernova 1987A

Thirty years ago, on 23 February 1987, the light from a stellar explosion marking the death of a massive star arrived at Earth to shine in Southern Hemisphere skies.

Mon 27 Feb 17 from

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Investigating Star Formation Is UMass Amherst Researcher's Mission

Amherst MA (SPX) Feb 28, 2017 University of Massachusetts Amherst astrophysicist Stella Offner, who has received a five-year, $429,000 faculty early career development (CAREER) grant from ...

2 hours ago from SpaceDaily

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