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Earth mini-moons: Potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities

The detection of "mini-moons"—small asteroids temporarily captured in orbit around Earth—will vastly improve our scientific understanding of asteroids and the Earth-Moon system, says a new review ...

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Image: Partial solar eclipse from space

Thanks to a quirk of our cosmos, the Moon's average distance from Earth is just right for it to appear as the same size in the sky as the significantly larger Sun. Once in a while the Moon slides ...

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Sea stars critical to kelp forest resilience

A study by Simon Fraser University resource and environmental management researcher Jenn Burt reveals that sunflower sea stars play a critical role in the resilience of B.C.'s kelp forests, ...

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Galaxy S10 may not be Samsung's only triple-camera phone next year - CNET

The midrange Galaxy A series could come with three rear cameras, says a Korean report.

13 hours ago from CNET

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Thousands gather in Israeli desert for meteor shower

Thousands of star-gazers gathered overnight at one of the darkest spots in Israel hoping to be dazzled by the annual Perseid meteor shower, only to be left somewhat disappointed by the show. ...

14 hours ago from Reuters

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Chemists discover how blue light speeds blindness

Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye's retina into cell killers, according to optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo.

Wed 8 Aug 18 from

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Finding the happy medium of black holes

This image shows data from a massive observing campaign that includes NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. These Chandra data have provided strong evidence for the existence of so-called intermediate-mass ...

Thu 9 Aug 18 from

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Sorry, Neighboring Omega Centauri is Probably Uninhabitable

Well, it looks like we’re going to have to look farther than we thought for intergalactic extraterrestrial life. Astronomers have long held out hope that Omega Centauri, a massive globular ...

Fri 10 Aug 18 from Discover Magazine

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How a hidden magnetic field might be shutting down Jupiter's atmospheric jet streams

The famous multicolored bands that run across the face of Jupiter have raised many questions for astronomers since the first observations of the gas giant, and when NASA's Juno orbiter ...

Fri 10 Aug 18 from Gizmag

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NASA spotted a vast, glowing 'hydrogen wall' at the edge of our solar system

There's a "hydrogen wall" at the edge of our solar system, and NASA scientists think their New Horizons spacecraft can see it.

21 hours ago from FOXNews

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