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Stars discovered forming in extreme black-hole-driven environment

A team of European astronomers says it has made the first confirmed observation of stars forming in the powerful outflow of material hurled out by a galaxy's central supermassive black ...

16 hours ago from Gizmag

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Planetary waves, first found on Earth, are discovered on Sun

The same kind of large-scale planetary waves that meander through the atmosphere high above Earth's surface may also exist on the Sun, according to a new study led by a scientist at the National ...

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Astronomers probe swirling particles in halo of starburst galaxy

Astronomers have used a radio telescope in outback Western Australia to see the halo of a nearby starburst galaxy in unprecedented detail.

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Juno spacecraft set for fifth Jupiter flyby

NASA's Juno spacecraft will make its fifth flyby over Jupiter's mysterious cloud tops on Monday, March 27, at 1:52 a.m. PDT (4:52 a.m. EDT, 8:52 UTC).

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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NASA selects mission to study churning chaos in the Milky Way and beyond

NASA has selected a science mission that will measure emissions from the interstellar medium, which is the cosmic material found between stars. This data will help scientists determine the life ...

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The first crowdfunded study in Japan: Micro X-ray observation of a fleshy brittle star

Not only have scientists from Japan performed the first non-destructive morphological observations on the Fleshy brittle star, Asteronyx loveni, using micro X-ray tomography, but they also published ...

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Planet Nine: Astronomers want help from amateur stargazers

An Australian university has asked amateur stargazers to help find a possible ninth planet.

17 hours ago from BBC News

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Bizarre dwarf galaxy named "Was 49b" found in galactic merger

Most of the time, the billions of galaxies that make up the universe go about their business without bothering their neighbors. Sometimes, though, like galactic bumper cars, they smash ...

10 hours ago from Gizmag

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Astronomers observe early stages of Milky Way-like galaxies in distant universe

For decades, astronomers have found distant galaxies by detecting the characteristic way their gas absorbs light from a bright quasar in the background. But efforts to observe the light emitted ...

Thu 23 Mar 17 from

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Astronomers identify purest, most massive brown dwarf

An international team of astronomers has identified a record breaking brown dwarf (a star too small for nuclear fusion) with the 'purest' composition and the highest mass yet known. The object, ...

Fri 24 Mar 17 from

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