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There's a Frozen Super-Earth Orbiting Barnard's Star, The Second Closest Star System

Just six light-years from Earth, the second closest star system to our sun hosts a frozen super-Earth, according to new findings by an international team of researchers. Barnard’s Star is a ...

12 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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‘Oumuamua: new findings rejig size

Infrared results set upper limit on the solar system’s surprise visitor. Andrew Masterson reports.

9 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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The dance of the small galaxies that surround the Milky Way

An international team led by researchers from the IAC used data from the ESA satellite Gaia to measure the motion of 39 dwarf galaxies. This data gives information on the dynamics of these galaxies, ...

17 hours ago from

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Gravitational waves from a merged hyper-massive neutron star

For the first time astronomers have detected gravitational waves from a merged, hyper-massive neutron star. The scientists, Maurice van Putten of Sejong University in South Korea, and Massimo ...

16 hours ago from

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This startup is trying to replace serial numbers with diamond dust - CNET

The company got $2.3 million in seed funding from investors like Kleiner Perkins.

8 hours ago from CNET

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Release date, plot and possible spoilers - CNET

Here's everything we know about the first live-action Star Wars series as we await the Disney+ streaming service, plus some exciting possibilities.

10 hours ago from CNET

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Leonid meteor shower coming to a sky near you this weekend

Be sure to keep an eye to the sky this weekend: The peak of the Leonid meteor shower will be visible across the night sky Saturday and Sunday.        

7 hours ago from USA today

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Possible Specs Of Cheaper Galaxy S10 Model Revealed

Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup is usually the company’s flagship lineup which means that they are typically priced as such. However we have heard rumors that 2019’s Galaxy S10 could actually be ...

Wed 14 Nov 18 from Ubergizmo

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Apple designer Jony Ive dreams up an all-diamond ring - CNET

No silver. No gold. All sparkle.

Mon 12 Nov 18 from CNET Cutting Edge

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Are the Laws of the Universe Fine Tuned for Life?

Humans have often looked at the night sky and wondered if there's anyone else out there. But stare into that darkness long enough, and many wonder instead: how did we get here? What were the ...

Mon 12 Nov 18 from Discover Magazine

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