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Comet stinks of rotten eggs and cat wee, finds Rosetta

Data from the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe reveals that eau de comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko smells awful – but that's good news

Fri 24 Oct 14 from Newscientist

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Supersized sunspot is largest in decades

A colossal sunspot large enough to be seen with the naked eye now blemishes the nearside of the sun, covering an area wide enough to comfortably fit 10 Earths side by side.

Fri 24 Oct 14 from ScienceNews

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Image: Galactic wheel of life shines in infrared

It might look like a spoked wheel or even a "Chakram" weapon wielded by warriors like "Xena," from the fictional TV show, but this ringed galaxy is actually a vast place of stellar life. A newly ...

Fri 24 Oct 14 from

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Heavy comet traffic around young star

Environment of ? Pictoris echoes Solar System's turbulent early years.

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Nature News

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Image: Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

It was 45 years ago when astronomer Klim Churyumov and Svetlana Gerasimenko, one of his researchers, unwittingly began a new chapter in the history of space exploration.

Tue 21 Oct 14 from

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Lucky star escapes black hole with minor damage

Astronomers have gotten the closest look yet at what happens when a black hole takes a bite out of a star—and the star lives to tell the tale.

Thu 23 Oct 14 from

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Fermi satellite finds hints of starquakes in magnetar 'storm'

( —NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected a rapid-fire "storm" of high-energy blasts from a highly magnetized neutron star, also called a magnetar, on Jan. 22, 2009. Now astronomers ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from

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'Twisted rope' clue to dangerous solar storms

A "twisted rope" of magnetically-charged energy precedes solar storms that have the potential to damage satellites and electricity grids, French scientists said on Wednesday.

Wed 22 Oct 14 from

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Partial solar eclipse sweeps across North America

A partial solar eclipse swept across much of North America on Thursday, triggering floods of blurry pictures of a crescent-shaped sun on Twitter and other social media.

Fri 24 Oct 14 from

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How to Choose Binoculars for Astronomy and Skywatching

A good pair of binoculars can help stargazers get the most out of the night sky. Find out which type of binoculars you need in our Buyer's Guide.

Fri 24 Oct 14 from

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