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Newly discovered planet could be Spock's home world, astronomers say

Among the TV series Star Trek's many charms are its rich universe of characters and planets. Now, the Dharma Planet Survey, in a new study led by University of Florida (UF) astronomer Jian Ge ...

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Milky Way Nearly Collided With Smaller Galaxy in Cosmic Fender Bender

Our Milky Way galaxy holds hundreds of billions of stars. Many of those suns were formed locally from clouds of gas — at the rate of handful every year —over billions of years. But our home ...

3 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Simulation shows nuclear pasta 10 billion times harder to break than steel

A trio of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. and Canada has found evidence that suggests nuclear material beneath the surface of neutron stars may be the strongest ...

Tue 18 Sep 18 from

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Going off-road in the search for dark skies

An out-of-this-world mobile observatory, developed in collaboration with Nissan Design Europe in London, UK, was unveiled at the 2018 Hannover Motor Show this week, proving that the sky is never ...

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TESS shares first science image in hunt to find new worlds

NASA's newest planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), is now providing valuable data to help scientists discover and study exciting new exoplanets, or planets beyond ...

Mon 17 Sep 18 from

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Ceres takes life an ice volcano at a time

Every year throughout its 4.5-billion-year life, ice volcanoes on the dwarf planet Ceres generate enough material on average to fill a movie theater, according to a new study led by the University ...

Mon 17 Sep 18 from

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Magellanic clouds duo may have been a trio

Two of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way—the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds—may have had a third companion, astronomers believe.

Tue 18 Sep 18 from

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Looking back in time to watch for a different kind of black hole

Black holes form when stars die, allowing the matter in them to collapse into an extremely dense object from which not even light can escape. Astronomers theorize that massive black holes could ...

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The Saga Continues: Are Brown Dwarfs Stars, Planets or Neither?

The universe is filled with billions of massive celestials objects, from stars to planets to comets to asteroids. But what happens when lines start to blur between these classifications, and ...

Tue 18 Sep 18 from Discover Magazine

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After 1,000 Years, Astronomers Still Unlocking Secrets of the Crab Nebula

In late spring in the year 1054, a strange light appeared in the sky in what we would now call the constellation Taurus the Bull. It was a new star, where no star had been before. It grew quickly ...

23 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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