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Star gas reveals more clues about early planet formation

It could be the source of their atmospheres. Richard A Lovett reports.

18 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Solar storm surveys by ancient Assyrian astronomers

Scientists at the University of Tsukuba study ancient cuneiform records for evidence of unusual solar activity 2,700 years ago, and identify three possible magnetic storms by matching the dates ...

21 hours ago from

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How the Nobel Prize-Winning Exoplanet Was Found

The 1995 discovery showed that the sun isn't the only star to host a family of planets — something we had long figured but never demonstrated — and also that the universe is really, really weird.

21 hours ago from Livescience

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Jupiter Shields Europa from Cosmic Rays That Could Erase Evidence of Life

(Credit: Britney Schmidt/Dead Pixel VFX/Univ. of Texas at Austin) Europa, one of Jupiter’s four largest moons, has an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust. In the coming years, scientists ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from Discover Magazine

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Going against the flow around a supermassive black hole

At the center of a galaxy called NGC 1068, a supermassive black hole hides within a thick doughnut-shaped cloud of dust and gas. When astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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Heron survey fishes out detail in ghostly galaxy outskirts

Astronomers have completed the largest survey to date of the faint outskirts of nearby galaxies, successfully testing a low-cost system for exploring these local stellar systems. R. Michael ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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Analysis of Galileo's Jupiter entry probe reveals gaps in heat shield modeling

The entry probe of the Galileo mission to Jupiter entered the planet's atmosphere in 1995 in fiery fashion. As the probe descended from Mach 50 to Mach 1 and generated enough heat to cause plasma ...

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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The Fortnite black hole has closed and the game is updating the next chapter

The worldwide blackout of the most popular video game is over as the game updates its newest features.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from The Washington Post

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Faster-Than-Light Travel Could Explain Mysterious Signals Beaming Through the Cosmos

But don't worry, no laws of physics are being violated.

20 hours ago from

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Hubble space telescope captures stunning vision of interstellar comet 2I Borisov

Moving at warp speeds of over 177,000 kilometres per hour, interstellar comet 2I Borisov has been captured as it passes the Sun.

4 hours ago from ABC Science

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