'Mannequin Skywalker' rides Blue Origin's new crew capsule

Blue Origin's 'Mannequin Skywalker' has rocketed almost all the way to space, just in time for the new Star Wars movie.

21 minutes ago from Phys.org

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NASA’s Juno finds surprise radiation on Jupiter

Geophysical conference hears of new findings about the atmosphere and the roots of the Great Red Spot. Richard A Lovett reports.

4 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Trump directs NASA to send astronauts to the moon and then Mars

The US space programme has a new focus on an old destination. President Trump has directed NASA to focus its efforts on crewed missions to the moon before Mars

Tue 12 Dec 17 from Newscientist

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Scientists listen for signs of alien technology coming from asteroid ‘Oumuamua

As of 3:00 pm ET today, a team of scientists began observing the interstellar asteroid 'Oumuamua in the hope of determining whether the cigar-shaped visitor is a naturally occurring ...

3 hours ago from Gizmag

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Hubble's celestial snow globe

It's beginning to look a lot like the holiday season in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of a blizzard of stars, which resembles a swirling snowstorm in a snow globe.

20 hours ago from Phys.org

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New island offers clues in search for life on Mars: NASA

The world's newest island—formed during a volcanic eruption in the remote Pacific three years ago—may offer clues to how life potentially developed on Mars, NASA said Wednesday.

9 hours ago from Phys.org

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Star Wars' last Jedi may use the Force of quantum science

As Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theatres and its heroine Rey seeks to learn the ways of the Force from an aged and isolated Luke Skywalker, it raises some obvious and ongoing questions:

5 hours ago from Phys.org

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Arctic saw second warmest year, smallest winter sea ice coverage on record in 2017

An NOAA-sponsored report shows that the warming trend transforming the Arctic persisted in 2017, resulting in the second warmest air temperatures, above average ocean temperatures, loss of sea ...

3 hours ago from Phys.org

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Bright areas on Ceres suggest geologic activity

If you could fly aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft, the surface of dwarf planet Ceres would generally look quite dark, but with notable exceptions. These exceptions are the hundreds of bright areas ...

5 hours ago from Phys.org

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Macron calls for 'much stronger mobilisation' on climate

French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called for stronger action in the fight against climate change, as he hosted world leaders for talks two years to the day since the Paris agreement.

Tue 12 Dec 17 from Phys.org

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