Climate change implicated in current Syrian conflict

Drought linked to rising greenhouse-gas emissions helped to drive unrest in 2011, study finds.

18 hours ago from Nature News

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Ancient galaxy sheds light on dust in early Universe

DUSTY SKY: One of the oldest galaxies ever observed has revealed that dust played a vital role in the infancy of the Universe.

12 hours ago from ABC Science

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OSIRIS catches glimpse of Rosetta's shadow

Several days after Rosetta's close flyby of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 14 February 2015, images taken on this day by OSIRIS, the scientific imaging system on board, have now been downlinked ...

42 minutes ago from

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Is iron rain the reason why Earth and the moon are so different?

New experiments show that the asteroids that slammed into Earth and the moon more than 4 billion years ago were vaporised into a mist of iron. The findings, published in Nature Geoscience, suggest ...

2 hours ago from

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Spaceport plan backed by UK, with hopes for commercial space flight hub by 2018

The UK government has backed plans to build a spaceport for commercial spaceflight, hoping to eventually offer cosmic flights from Newquay or Glasgow that will be faster than HS2.

3 hours ago from The Independent

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Europe still off mark on sustainability goals: report

Europe could miss several key targets for safeguarding its species, water, air and land, said a study Tuesday that warned economic recovery would add to the pressure on natural resources.

7 hours ago from

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First satellites with all-electric propulsion call home

The launch of two new communications satellites may not seem like news these days, but it is when they're the first satellites with all-electric propulsion. Boeing announced that the two 702SP ...

5 hours ago from Gizmag

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DNA tool helping biologists find elusive or invasive species

When salmon, salamanders or other aquatic animals poop or shed skin cells, they leave behind traces of their DNA in the water, like clues left behind at a crime scene.

6 hours ago from

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Methane oxidation fuelled by algal oxygen production

Methane emissions are strongly reduced in lakes with anoxic bottom waters. But here contrary to what has previously been assumed methane removal is not due to archaea or anaerobic bacteria. ...

1 hours ago from

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Power System Failure Eyed in US Military Satellite Explosion

While investigators continue to study the dramatic Feb. 3 death of the DMSP-F13 satellite, signs currently point to failure of the power system aboard the spacecraft, which launched in 1995.

42 minutes ago from

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