Lego unveils 'Women of NASA' set with astronauts, scientists

Lego has unveiled a set of figures celebrating the women of NASA.

14 hours ago from

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To Find Nectar, Bees Follow Blue Halos

Subtle halos on flowers function as bright blue landing pads for bees. Tiny ridges on flowers, visible only at the nanoscale, serve to reflect blue and ultraviolet light that draws in pollinators. ...

7 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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How Volcanoes Starved Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was the most powerful civilization in the world for a time. The monuments built by laborers to honor pharaohs stand to this day, testament to the vast resources at their command. But ...

Tue 17 Oct 17 from Discover Magazine

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Researchers find noxious ice cloud on Saturn's moon Titan

Researchers with NASA's Cassini mission found evidence of a toxic hybrid ice in a wispy cloud high above the south pole of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

6 hours ago from

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Mass killings happen randomly, yet rate has remained steady, study finds

Mass killings may have increasing news coverage, but the events themselves have happened at a steady rate for more than a decade, according to a new study by University of Illinois researchers. ...

11 hours ago from

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A mission to Mars could make its own oxygen via plasma technology

Plasma technology could hold the key to creating a sustainable oxygen supply on Mars, a new study has found.

14 hours ago from

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Study shows how water could have flowed on 'cold and icy' ancient Mars

For scientists trying to understand what ancient Mars might have been like, the red planet sends some mixed signals. Water-carved valleys and lakebeds leave little doubt that water once flowed ...

Tue 17 Oct 17 from

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Ancient, lost, mountains in the Karoo reveals the secrets of massive extinction event

Millions of years ago, a mountain range that would have dwarfed the Andes mountains in South America, stretched over what is currently the southern-most tip of Africa.

11 hours ago from

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Nasa astronaut shows off fidget spinner in micro-gravity

NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik took to Twitter to share footage of his hilarious recent experiments with a fidget spinner aboard the International Space Station.

3 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Mining takes toll on Amazon

Study finds effects of mining on tree loss are much greater than previously thought. Andrew Masterson reports.

13 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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