Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Just Made its Second Trip to Space

On Friday, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo flew in space for the second time, taking off from Mojave, California after days of weather delay. SpaceShipTwo took off at 8:07 a.m. PST carrying two ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from Discover Magazine

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Japan’s Hayabusa 2 bags its first sample from the asteroid Ryugu

A Japanese spacecraft has touched down on an asteroid and collected the first of three samples, raising hopes for the space mining industry

Fri 22 Feb 19 from Newscientist

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Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It's complicated

Every school child knows the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid smashing into the Earth some 66 million years ago.

2 hours ago from

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New Horizons spacecraft returns its sharpest views of Ultima Thule

The mission team called it a "stretch goal" – just before closest approach, precisely point the cameras on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to snap the sharpest possible pics of the Kuiper Belt ...

11 hours ago from

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After a reset, ?uriosity is operating normally

NASA's Curiosity rover is busy making new discoveries on Mars. The rover has been climbing Mount Sharp since 2014 and recently reached a clay region that may offer new clues about the ancient ...

11 hours ago from

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Neptune's newest, tiniest moon likely piece of bigger one

Neptune's newest and tiniest moon is probably an ancient piece of a much larger moon orbiting unusually close.

Wed 20 Feb 19 from

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NASA greenlights SpaceX crew capsule test to ISS

NASA on Friday gave SpaceX the green light to test a new crew capsule by first sending an unmanned craft with a life-sized mannequin to the International Space Station.

11 hours ago from

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An Iceberg Twice the Size of NYC Could Soon Break Off Antarctica

Lengthening cracks in the Brunt Ice Shelf spell trouble for the shelf's future.

7 hours ago from Livescience

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Pharmaceutical residues in fresh water pose a growing environmental risk

Over the past 20 years, concentrations of pharmaceuticals have increased in freshwater sources all over the world, as research by environmental experts at Radboud University has revealed. Levels ...

Fri 22 Feb 19 from

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Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It's complicated, 2 hours ago
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