Latest 'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer shows more of the crew

No, CBS' much-delayed Star Trek: Discovery still isn't out yet, but you're at least getting a better look at how the streaming-focused series will play out. The broadcaster ...

22 hours ago from Engadget

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Comic-Con 2017: 'Black Panther,' 'Infinity War' blew us away at the Marvel panel - CNET

All the latest news on Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, "Avengers: Infinity War" and more came at us fast at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Marvel panel.

19 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Solar eclipse offers millions a chance at citizen science

Millions of people, from students to rocket scientists, are poised to contribute to a massive scientific effort to study the total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States August ...

Fri 21 Jul 17 from

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This is just really cool – a time-lapse animation from the Hubble telescope showing a tiny moon zinging around Mars

On May 12, 2016, when Mars was 50 million miles from Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope turned its incredibly sharp eye toward the Red Planet. The time-lapse animation above reveals what it saw. That ...

Fri 21 Jul 17 from Discover Magazine

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Google Street View's latest destination: the International Space Station

The virtual tour allows users to peak into areas where astronauts eat, exercise, work and even bathe.

Fri 21 Jul 17 from The Washington Post

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Holographic imaging could be used to detect signs of life in space

We may be capable of finding microbes in space—but if we did, could we tell what they were, and that they were alive?

Fri 21 Jul 17 from

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Moon dust bag sold for $1.8m at New York auction

The bag was used by astronaut Neil Armstrong to collect the first ever samples of the Moon in 1969.

Thu 20 Jul 17 from BBC News

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Netflix drops the full trailer for ‘Bright,’ its $90M+ potential blockbuster hit

 Netflix may have its first blockbuster movie on its hands. The new, full-length trailer for the upcoming Will Smith movie, “Bright,” from “Suicide Squad” director ...

Fri 21 Jul 17 from TechCrunch

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Image: Lunar module at Tranquility Base

This photograph of the Lunar Module at Tranquility Base was taken by Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission, from the rim of Little West Crater on the lunar surface. Armstrong's shadow ...

Fri 21 Jul 17 from

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Forecast data model warns you of tornadoes hours in advance

Meteorologists usually only issue warnings for tornadoes when they're imminent, which gives you precious little time to take cover -- the American average is just 13 minutes. ...

5 hours ago from Engadget

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