Virgin Galactic and Under Armour show off new spacesuits for crew, commercial passengers

Virgin Galactic and Under Armour unveiled the first line of spacewear for space crews and commercial passengers.       

7 hours ago from USA today

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SpaceX seeking many more satellites for space-based internet grid

SpaceX wants spectrum access for nearly four times as many satellites as originally planned for its high-speed internet constellation, the company and a UN agency confirmed Wednesday.

16 hours ago from

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Extreme winter leads to an Arctic reproductive collapse

Nature, Published online: 15 October 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-03113-2Unprecedented snowfall stymied breeding for birds and other creatures in northern Greenland in 2018.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from Nature News

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NASA moves up 1st all-female spacewalk to fix power unit

NASA is moving up the first all-female spacewalk to this week because of a power system failure at the International Space Station.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from

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Study: Biodiversity improves crop production

Ecologists and biologists compared data of about 1,500 agricultural fields around the world, including corn fields in the American plains, oilseed rape fields in southern Sweden, coffee plantations ...

16 hours ago from

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Star gas reveals more clues about early planet formation

It could be the source of their atmospheres. Richard A Lovett reports.

17 hours ago from Cosmos Magazine

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Predicting Ebola outbreaks by understanding how ecosystems influence human health

The next Ebola outbreak could be predicted using a new UCL-developed model that tracks how changes to ecosystems and human societies combine to affect the spread of the deadly infectious disease.

Tue 15 Oct 19 from Medical Xpress

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Solar storm surveys by ancient Assyrian astronomers

Scientists at the University of Tsukuba study ancient cuneiform records for evidence of unusual solar activity 2,700 years ago, and identify three possible magnetic storms by matching the dates ...

20 hours ago from

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IBM joins effort to build a fully autonomous research ship to make a trans-Atlantic voyage in 2020

Once completed, the self-navigating craft is slated to make a 3,000-mile journey across the Atlantic on September 2020 - a date that coincides with a 400-year anniversary for the original Mayflower ...

17 hours ago from Daily Mail

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Nightjars time their epic migration flights using a lunar calendar

Nightjars are the first animal found to time migration by the moon, using its phases to know when to take flight on the journey from northern Europe to sub-Saharan Africa

Tue 15 Oct 19 from Newscientist

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