NASA spacewalking suits in short supply, report finds

A new report finds that NASA's spacewalking suits are in short supply. The suits were developed more than 40 years ago, and a replacement is still years away. That's despite nearly $200 million ...

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Cassini: Going boldly where no spacecraft has gone before—on a dive between Saturn's rings and the planet itself

On July 1, 2004, Cassini became the first spacecraft ever to orbit Saturn. And today, the spacecraft has likely achieved another milestone: Using its 13-foot-wide high-gain antenna as a shield, ...

12 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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'Iceball' planet discovered through microlensing

Scientists have discovered a new planet with the mass of Earth, orbiting its star at the same distance that we orbit our sun. The planet is likely far too cold to be habitable for life as we ...

11 hours ago from

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China and Europe to build a base on the moon and launch other projects into space

If space is to be explored peacefully it will require 'international collaboration' a spokesperson for the European Space Agency said

18 hours ago from The Independent

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Cassini takes its first historic dive between Saturn and its rings

HISTORIC MISSION: NASA's Cassini spacecraft begins the first of 22 historic dives between Saturn and its rings to collect valuable data about the environment, before it ends its mission by plunging ...

4 hours ago from ABC Science

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Spacecraft flies between Saturn and rings in historic first

NASA's Cassini spacecraft ventured Wednesday into the never-before-explored region between Saturn and its rings.

11 hours ago from

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Summer 2019 will be a showdown for Hollywood's biggest franchises

Yesterday, Disney announced that it was shuffling its release schedule to move Star Wars: Episode IX — the last film in the main “sequel trilogy” — from December 2019 up to May 24th, ...

10 hours ago from The Verge

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'Fossil' groundwater's modern secret

The deepest and oldest waters on Earth are not immune from contamination, warn scientists.

15 hours ago from BBC News

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Sun's eruptions might all have same trigger

Large and small scale solar eruptions might all be triggered by a single process, according to new research that leads to better understanding of the Sun's activity.

12 hours ago from

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