Galaxy dust findings confound view of early Universe

What was the Universe like at the beginning of time? How did the Universe come to be the way it is today?—big questions and huge attention paid when scientists attempt answers. So was the early-universe ...

2 hours ago from

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Comet scientists torn over hunt for lander as next stage of mission nears

The location of Philae is key to understanding vital data – but the Rosetta mothership now has conflicting duties Continue reading...

19 minutes ago from

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How Climate Change Leads to Volcanoes (Really)

A new study reveals one more consequence of our messing with the environment

Thu 29 Jan 15 from TIME

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Meteorite may represent 'bulk background' of Mars' battered crust

NWA 7034, a meteorite found a few years ago in the Moroccan desert, is like no other rock ever found on Earth. It's been shown to be a 4.4 billion-year-old chunk of the Martian crust, and according ...

19 hours ago from

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NASA delays soil study satellite launch for 'repairs'

NASA has pushed back the launch of a satellite to study soil moisture to Saturday, so that it can perform "minor repairs" to the launch rocket.

24 hours ago from

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Ancient deformation of the lithosphere revealed in Eastern China

Seismic investigations from the Qinling-Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt in eastern China suggest that this region was affected by extreme mantle perturbation and crust-mantle interaction during the ...

16 hours ago from

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Stunning supernova has a bubbly interior

STAR EXPLOSION: A new three dimensional model of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant provides new insights into how these massive explosions occur.

Thu 29 Jan 15 from ABC Science

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Halfway Through Season, Snowpack in U.S. West Thins

January was not kind to snowpack in the mountains of the U.S. West — from which most residents of this part of the country derive their water. This week is about the half-way mark for snow ...

14 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Neptune-like worlds could become habitable

Mini-Neptunes can drift toward their stars and lose their atmospheres, leaving behind ice-rich rocky cores that can become watery worlds.

19 hours ago from ScienceNews

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Heat waves becoming more prominent in urban areas, research reveals

The world's urban areas have experienced significant increases in heat waves over the past 40 years, according to new research published today.

Thu 29 Jan 15 from

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