Astronomers Have Found the Most Distant Dwarf Planet in the Solar System to Date

A Far-Out Planet An ambitious team of astronomers has discovered the most “far out” object ever observed in our Solar System. The object, a pink dwarf planet called 2018 VG18 and nicknamed “Farout,” ...

Mon 17 Dec 18 from Discover Magazine

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Launch of next generation GPS satellite postponed for 1 day

The launch of a new GPS satellite has been postponed for one day because of an unspecified problem with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that will put the satellite in orbit.

13 hours ago from

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Even Antarctica Has Invasive Species

Antarctica, a continent isolated by vast oceans and brutal weather, has weathered the impacts of human activities better than most places. It's clearly not immune, of course — it's melting — ...

2 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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Take a Good Look at Saturn Before it’s Too Late, Because it’s Losing its Rings

Saturn's "ring rain" will take a fatal toll on the iconic celestial sight

16 hours ago from TIME

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We’re About to Launch 4 Different Rockets Into Space On the Same Day

SpaceX, Lockheed, Blue Origin and France's Arianespace are all planning launches

20 hours ago from TIME

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Trump directs Pentagon to create 'Space Command'

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday ordered the creation of "Space Command," a new organizational structure within the Pentagon that will have overall control of military space operations.

16 hours ago from

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Penny Marshall dies at 75, celeb tributes flow: 'She was glorious' - CNET

Actors Tom Hanks and Rosie O'Donnell, filmmaker Rob Reiner and more honor the actor and director on Twitter.

5 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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SpaceX and Blue Origin launch – live: Falcon 9 and test capsule head to space as rivals launch within minutes of each other

Elon Musk's SpaceX is set to launch its Falcon 9 rocket in Florida today, aiming to deliver a spy satellite into orbit for the US military.

20 hours ago from The Independent

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Salmon may lose the ability to smell danger as carbon emissions rise

The ability to smell is critical for salmon. They depend on scent to avoid predators, sniff out prey and find their way home at the end of their lives when they return to the streams where they ...

20 hours ago from

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European Orbiter Finds No Methane in Mars' Atmosphere, Puzzling Scientists

Methane on Mars There's a methane mystery brewing on Mars. Scientists first detected traces of methane gas on Mars years ago, and it was exciting because the compound is a sign of life here ...

13 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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