Researcher discusses IceCube neutrino sensor array

Dozens of scientists and engineers across multiple divisions at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) played a role in the design, development, and ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from

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Huge radio telescope hopes to peer into the universe and solve its deepest mysteries

The massive project will help make the biggest radio telescope in the world

Fri 13 Jul 18 from The Independent

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Blue Origin Space Trip Tickets Could Cost Up To $300,000

Blue Origin, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ space company, has plans to take paying passengers up to space for short trips. As you can probably imagine, it’s not going to be cheap. The ...

9 hours ago from Ubergizmo

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Strange 'Equal Mass' Binary Asteroid Found Near Earth

More than 18,000 near-Earth asteroids have been identified, and all of them are thought to be remnants of our solar system’s formation. They each have their own unique structure and properties. ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from Discover Magazine

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Crescent moon and Venus pair closely on Sunday, July 15th

Soon after the Sun dips below the western horizon on Sunday, July 15th, anyone looking in that direction will see a dramatic sight: a pretty crescent Moon paired closely with the dazzling planet ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from

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New NASA Image Shows ‘Spiders’ Crawling Over Mars’ Surface

It's actually araneiform terrain

Sat 14 Jul 18 from TIME

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Cygnus Spacecraft Leaves the Space Station After Giving It an Orbital Boost

A Cygnus cargo spacecraft left the International Space Station today (July 15), nearly two months after it arrived with supplies and science gear for the station's six-person crew.

13 hours ago from

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Better methods improve measurements of recreational water quality

The concentration of enterococci, bacteria that thrive in feces, has long been the federal standard for determining water quality. Researchers have now shown that the greatest influences on ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from

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Nasa works out precisely how fast universe is expanding – and finds result that could alter understanding of cosmos

Findings could be because dark energy is even more strange than we thought, or because an unknown particle is hiding in the universe

Fri 13 Jul 18 from The Independent

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Study uses changes in Hudson River may offer insight into how glaciers grew

Think of it like a geological mystery story: For decades, scientists have known that some 25,000 years ago, a massive ice sheet stretched to cover most of Canada and a large section of the northeastern ...

Fri 13 Jul 18 from

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