Gaia telescope's 'book of the heavens' takes shape

A European space telescope measures the precise positions and distances to over one billion stars.

11 hours ago from BBC News

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Scientists spot huge, ancient collision in space that could change our understanding of the universe

Region is by far the most active place ever observed in the universe

10 hours ago from The Independent

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Many low-lying atoll islands could be uninhabitable by mid-21st century

Sea-level rise and wave-driven flooding will negatively impact freshwater resources on many low-lying atoll islands in such a way that many could be uninhabitable in just a few decades. According ...

10 hours ago from

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Asteroids could have delivered water to the early Earth

Shooting mineral pellets at a simulated planet suggests an impact wouldn’t have boiled all of an asteroid’s water away.

10 hours ago from ScienceNews

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Uranus smells like rotten eggs

If you could sniff a planet, what would it smell like? According to an international team of scientists working with the 8-meter Gemini North infrared telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatory ...

Tue 24 Apr 18 from Gizmag

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Amazing GIF shows dust and cosmic rays raining down on comet 67P

Cosmic rays, dust and stars swirl above a rocky cliff on the comet 67P. The images that make up this cool GIF were taken in 2016 by ESA's Rosetta spacecraft

Tue 24 Apr 18 from Newscientist

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Record concentration of microplastics found in Arctic

Discovery prompts fear that melting ice will allow more plastic to be released back into the oceans.

Tue 24 Apr 18 from BBC News

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Two galactic megamergers discovered unfolding in the early universe

Astronomers have discovered two enormous clusters of ancient galaxies that existed just 1.5 billion years after the creation of the universe in the Big Bang. According to current theoretical ...

10 hours ago from Gizmag

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Ultrahigh-pressure laser experiments shed light on super-Earth cores

Using high-powered laser beams, researchers have simulated conditions inside a planet three times as large as Earth.

10 hours ago from

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UK might have to build a new satellite system after Brexit, government says

Project was launched as a rival to the US global positioning system

12 hours ago from The Independent

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