This Is the Name Scientists Have Given to the Most Distant World Ever Explored

The name means "sky" in the language of the Native American Powhatan people

2 hours ago from TIME

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Greedo says 'Maclunkey' in Star Wars 'Han shot first' scene on Disney Plus - CNET

"Maclunkey" isn't a new word to the Star Wars universe.

7 hours ago from CNET

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Apparent meteor flashes across night sky in St. Louis area

An apparent meteor has brightened the night sky over St. Louis.

15 hours ago from

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So...Let's Talk About That Mandalorian Ending

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where Disney has launched its vast, occasionally breaking, and petrifyingly all-encompassing new streaming service today, you’ve probably watched ...

1 hours ago from Gizmodo

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EPA Plans Modifications to Controversial Transparency Proposal

The changes would further restrict which scientific findings can be used in drafting regulations.

11 hours ago from The Scientist

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The Mandalorian on Disney Plus: 10 things I learned from the Star Wars show - CNET

Let's dive into the premiere episode -- no spoilers! (At least at the beginning.)

8 hours ago from CNET Cutting Edge

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Climate change: Bigger hurricanes are now more damaging

The most damaging tropical cyclones are three times more frequent now than they were 100 years ago.

Mon 11 Nov 19 from BBC News

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Stingray-inspired spacecraft aims to explore dark side of Venus

Venus is Earth's neighbor, yet scientists' understanding of the planet is relatively limited, especially on the so-called "dark side."

Mon 11 Nov 19 from

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How the Nile River Has Stayed In One Place for 30 Million Years

The Nile River seen at sunrise. (Credit: Kirsty Bisset/Shutterstock) Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians built their agricultural systems around the dependable movement of the Nile. ...

Mon 11 Nov 19 from Discover Magazine

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The voyage home: Japan's Hayabusa-2 probe to head for Earth

Japan's Hayabusa-2 probe will leave its orbit around a distant asteroid and head for Earth on Wednesday after an unprecedented mission, carrying samples that could shed light on the origins ...

22 hours ago from

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